Bitget Wallet Integrates ARC-20 Inscription And Lightning Network Support To Enhance BTC Ecosystem

Bitget Wallet Integrates ARC-20 Inscription And Lightning Network Support To Enhance BTC Ecosystem

Bitget Wallet, a leading Web3 trading wallet, is elated to announce the integration of Bitcoin Lightning and support of ARC-20 inscription to its latest app version.

According to the team behind the project, these additions will further support Bitget’s efforts for the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Unlike many ARC-20 inscription products only designed for PC use, Bitget has taken a different approach and is prioritizing offering a seamless mobile experience. Reportedly, Bitget aims to deliver products and services that enable users to inscribe easily with no limit to time and region. Users can now inscribe ARC-20 inscriptions and check different market trends.

Notably,  offering support for the ARC-20 inscription will help the project tackle current challenges that have previously been a hurdle for the inscription ecosystem. The ARC-20 network faces numerous challenges: infrastructure gaps, high entry barriers, and limited public understanding. Bitget Wallet’s purpose is to create products and services that are free from these challenges and that better suit its over 15 million community of users. Overall, Bitget hopes the integration will foster the development of the inscription’s ecosystem.

The Bitget Exchange combines decentralized and centralized strategies to support the inscription ecosystem actively. With the integration, users can now inscribe, view, and transfer on their Bitget wallet and trade inscription assets on the Bitget Exchange.

Another advantage of the latest version is embracing the Lightning Network, opening endless possibilities to users. The Lightning Network is a second Layer 2 solution for Bitcoin designed to enable faster and cost-effective BTC transfers. Bitget’s latest version enables users to create Bitcoin Lightning Network accounts, which generate email-style addresses as Lightning Network identities. As a result, users will now be able to transfer and receive SATs on the Lightning Network through an invoice or LNURL. 

While commenting on the integration,  Alvin Kan, Chief Operation Officer of Bitget Wallet, stated:

“The current state of the wallet market infrastructure is still evolving and lacks comprehensive coverage, presenting a clear opportunity that we recognize. The team places considerable emphasis on the Bitcoin ecosystem, with Bitget Wallet striving to bridge existing gaps in wallet support, positioning itself as a pivotal contributor to ecosystem development.”

Alvin envisions the Lighting Network enhancing Bitcoin’s practical utility, paving the way for developing sophisticated decentralized applications (DApps), attracting a broader user base, and expanding features.

As inscriptions continue to gain popularity, Bitget Wallet foresees sustained empowerment. Bitget Wallet is actively supporting and collaborating on  Bitcoin L2. The Bitget Wallet team works to provide wallet infrastructure services for L2 while facilitating user access to Bitcoin L2 solutions. To date, Bitget Wallet has collaborated with over 20 Bitcoin projects and protocols to offer well-rounded ecosystem support.  Currently,  Bitget Wallet supports over 250,000 cryptocurrencies,  100 blockchains, and hundreds of EV-compatible chains. 

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