Memeinator Public Presale Blazes Past $4 Million Following Red Apple Tech Partnership News

Memeinator Public Presale Blazes Past $4 Million Following Red Apple Tech Partnership News

Memeinator, the hottest meme coin in the market, is elated to announce the success of its ongoing public sale that has raised $4m and counting.

The presale currently at Stage 14 has seen overwhelming support from investors, with the MMTR token quickly selling out. The MMTR token, the native token on Memeinator, has a selling price of $0.0208, with the price set to rise to $0.022 in Stage 15.

The MMTR token is a meme coin on a mission to locate and destroy the weakest meme coins, especially the tokens dubbed as scams, worthless, and rug pulls. Memeinator has an enticing staking reward, an AI-based game, and a big market push, all designed to set the project apart. The team behind the project is working towards attaining a $1 billion market cap.

The MMTR token serves as the basis of the Memeinator ecosystem—the token fuels dynamic activities while fostering a robust community engagement among users. There is a total supply of 1 billion MMTR tokens, with 65% available for the presale round. The Memeinator team will employ a quarterly burn mechanism as a deflationary measure to ensure the token retains value as it rises the market space. Token holders will enjoy numerous incentives and rewards for short and long positions. Note that stakers can generate up to 45% APY on their tokens.

The Memeinator is a new crypto project that leverages AI technology, powerful viral marketing, and a voracious dislike of crap memes. The project is forged from the depths of meme culture: a fusion of advanced technology, cutting-edge AI mastery, and a cold, ruthless meme-targeting system. Memeinator aims to become the ultimate meme coin token.

Notably, the growing traction towards the project results from Memeinator’s recent partnership with Red Apple Tech. Red Apple Tech, an award-winning game studio, joins forces with Memeinator to oversee the development of the Meme Warfare game.

In addition, the Memeinator team has dialled up on their marketing campaigns that have significantly pushed for conversations around the project. The #Memeinator is now a trend on social platforms following a recent viral billboard campaign that saw the strategic placement of a Memeinator billboard near the SpaceX office. Reportedly,  this move aimed to attract Elon Musk’s attention, a decision that has received huge support from the Memeinator community.

Commenting on  the development, Memeinator’s Head of Product, Marco Tonetti, stated:

“Memeinator is generating amazing levels of interest thanks to the efforts of our development and marketing teams. We’re excited to partner with a household name like Red Apple, and we expect viral buzz to continue as the MMTR presale nears its end.”

The MMTR token will soon conclude its presale in the next few weeks, opening doors to the next stage of the roadmap. Memeinator’s next phase includes partnerships with influencers, the launch of exclusive NFTs, exchange listing, and the Meme Warfare game. 

For more information and to buy Memeinator (MMTR), visit the Website | Whitepaper | Socials

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