The McAfee Syndrome

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The cryptocurrencies have been hit by what we are calling as ‘The McAfee Syndrome’. Confused? Let us explain in more detail.

What is ‘The McAfee Syndrome’?

If you have been vigilant this past week, you might have seen some big rallies in the not so popular cryptocurrencies causing their prices to become 2-3x within a few hours. The currencies which have been affected so far are Electroneum, BURST, DigiByte, ReddCoin, Humaniq and Tron.

The reason for this sudden jump in prices is attributed to the online coverage by John McAfee, the founder of McAfee Associates, a computer anti-virus company. Since last few days, John has been tweeting about new coins posting details about the benefits and the potential value they hold.

His first post was about Electroneum (ETN):


Electroneum has had a dream run so far with regards to its price, which shot up to nearly 10 times the ICO price. ETN boasts of a future with smartphone mining and a wallet in every pocket. However, the journey so far has not been smooth. There were reports of wallets getting hacked, re-launch owing to the drop in credibility and huge pump and dump cycle after the release of ICO tokens. The ETN has a long way to go, but a wide fan base definitely promises that this currency is here to stay for a longer time. McAfee feels that ETN is available at a seriously cheap price today, but time will tell how it will pan out.


The next currency is BURST, which rose by over 300% right after McAfee’s tweet:


It was followed by DigiByte:


The next pick from McAfee was a coin which has been there since 2014 but has been mostly inactive – ReddCoin (RDD). However, minutes after John’s tweet the coin’s price got transported into a new valuation category altogether aggregating the total weekly gains for the coin to over 600%.


The recent two choices have come in as Humaniq and Tron:



However, the prices of these 2 coins have not seen a remarkable rise compared to their predecessors.

McAfee also mentioned that he will be changing the cycle of announcements to weekly in contrast to daily amidst heavy pressure from crypto adherents, exchanges, and developers:


We will be waiting to read his next recommendation on Monday. If you are following him and traded in any of these currencies so far, feel free to share your experience with us @InstaCoinNews.

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