Pullix (PLX) Sells Over 80 Million Tokens as VeChain (VET) Surges Past 200 Million Transactions With Walmart

Pullix (PLX) Sells Over 80 Million Tokens as VeChain (VET) Surges Past 200 Million Transactions

The battle for attention has gone on the edge as many crypto projects continue to roll out commendable features. From now on, Injective (INJ) holders can enjoy a hassle-free, zero-cost transaction on the platform. In another development, VeChain (VET) solidified its status as a global data platform for the supply chain industry after reaching 200 million transactions on Walmart. Meanwhile, the Pullix (PLX) presale boasts an impressive sale of 80 million tokens. As one of the best DeFi projects tipped for huge growth, let’s have a look at how far Pullix can go as the bull run gets nearer.

Pullix (PLX) Sells 80 Million Tokens in the Ongoing Presale With 15k Participants Joining the Project

While Injective and VeChain are progressing remarkably, Pullix has experienced huge growth thus far. Many have queued for the project, with 80 million PLX tokens sold so far and 15k users signing up. This growth is connected to the rare features of Pullix, which seeks to combine the nice features of the centralized and decentralized exchanges to deliver a hybrid exchange. 

Before, crypto adherents were subjected to high transaction fees, lack of liquidity, and security breaches on exchanges. However, Pullix will solve the problem by offering a platform where their funds will be secured with good provision of liquidity. Compared to many exchanges, Pullix gives users full access to their accounts, preventing the need for interference. At zero commission charges, users can swiftly complete transactions on Pullix.

With these exciting features, Pullix has raised $4.8 million in presale. The project is in the last two presale stages, with the platform’s ERC20 token, PLX sold for $0.10. The platform offers a 10% bonus to token buyers.

Recently, the platform rolled out a profit share model where a certain percentage of the Pullix daily revenue is reserved for holders. There is also a token burn feature, as Pullix intends to stabilize the token. Having been rated as one of the best DeFi projects, users can use the remaining days of the presale to accumulate as many PLX tokens as possible.

Injective (INJ) Launches Gas Compression Mechanisms for Zero Cost Transaction

Users of the Injective exchange are set for hassle-free transactions as Injective announced a gas compression mechanism. This new development is part of the latest Injective platform quest to enhance RWA infrastructure and make Injective a truly free system.

With Bitcoin and Ethereum gulping $13.74 and $2.5 as transaction fees, Injective users will only pay a lowly $0.0013. This makes Injective one of the top cryptos with scalable and affordable blockchain, providing opportunities for more inflow of developers. 

VeChain (VET) Reaches 200 Million Transactions on Walmart

VeChain’s (VET) partnership with Walmart has reached new heights, with the VeChain transaction on Walmart surging past 200 million. The partnership helps showcase the VeChain crypto initiatives to the wider supply chain market while allowing Walmart to integrate blockchain into its operations.

VeChain leverages blockchain technology to ensure safer and traceable food solutions for Walmart and ensures compliance with extant regulations to align with Walmart’s sustainability goals. Meanwhile, the VeChain price has seen a slight 3% increase in the past week, which experts think is a sign of an upcoming rally.

For more information regarding Pullix’s presale, see the links below:

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