Taki Games and Game7 Join Forces To Make Web3 Loyalty Accessible To Mainstream Gamers

Taki Games and Game7 Join Forces To Make Web3 Loyalty Accessible To Mainstream Gamers

In collaboration with the Web3 player-owned Game7 nation, Taki Games, the player-owned mobile gaming network powered by the TAKI token, has released its newest mobile game. Developed by Taki Games, Game7 Food Fighter is an intriguing new game that combines an innovative tokenomic design with extremely compelling gameplay to provide blockchain-based loyalty and one of Web3’s top brands to a wider audience of gamers.

Taki Games seeks to rectify tokenomic models that are defective and cause players to suffer because of token incentives that are not sustainable. Taki Games has invented a novel strategy to stop player rewards or speculation from causing rapid inflation. Through a buy-and-burn mechanism that keeps awards from surpassing platform revenue, “Takinomics” keeps the in-game economy constant. Players will receive direct rewards from the system for their IAPs, ad engagement, and platform contributions.

“It’s clear that Taki Games and Game7 share the same vision for Web3 to bring gamers and developers closer together,” said Taki Games CEO Weiwei Geng in a statement. “Realizing this vision means bringing gaming’s billions of gamers and $200 billion in revenues on-chain, and we’re excited to do this with Taki Games and Takinomics, which make games that people already love even more valuable, by enabling gamers to become owners.”

Let’s introduce Game7, a community that was established to hasten the uptake of Web3 gaming. According to Game7, gaming has the potential to radically enhance humankind’s future by providing billions of individuals with access to economic and creative opportunities. With grants, funding, unbiased research, and an extensive collection of open-source Web3 tools, Game7 brings this ambition to life.

The industry needs to experiment with different economic structures to move toward player-owned games. It was an easy decision for the DAO to collaborate with Taki Games to create and release Game7 Food Fighter, which showcases the Game7 brand; both companies understood how well Game7’s mission aligned with Taki Games’ innovative network architecture and large player base of over 5 million.

Taki Games will finance the ongoing buyback of $TAKI tokens to channel incentives back to players, producing a positive feedback loop that benefits all stakeholders. This initiative is supported by Takinomics, the company’s revenue-generating strategy. Players are also given genuine ownership in the network and a say in how the game’s economy is developed going forward, thanks to the native $TAKI token, which powers Game7 Food Fighter’s reward system.

Nowadays, over half of the gaming market is mobile. The Rally Mobile Wallet SDK will be integrated with Game7 Food Fighter to allow for in-app prize distribution for users. Peer-to-peer trade of in-game digital assets and redemption of $TAKI loyalty incentives will be made possible by the easily navigable mobile app. Polygon and Solana, two of the top blockchain technology platforms available today, support the $TAKI coin.

Aiming to serve as a case study for how Web3 primitives might improve users’ relationships with games, Game7 Food Fighter combines gameplay that has been proved, blockchain-based loyalty, and a reliable Web3 brand. Building on its more than 5 million Android installs and current ranking among the top 100 Web3 games on DappRadar, Taki’s gaming network will be a major contributor to this growth. Taki Games Network is well-positioned to fulfil its goal of bringing Web3 to a large audience through mobile games and serve as a role model for other developers hoping to reach billions of players with Web3’s commercial potential.

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