Telegram-based Trading Bot Bitbot Raises $300,000 Barely 72 Hours Into Its Presale

Telegram-based Trading Bot Bitbot Raises $300,000 Barely 72 Hours Into Its Presale

Bitbot is excited to announce it raised $300k barely 72 hours into its presale launch that began on 17th January 2023. 

Bitbot’s presale has significantly gained traction among many as evident in the last 72 hours. The presale aims to raise $4.3 million from the sale of the Bitbot (BITBOT) token. This funding will reportedly go into helping the Bitbot team fulfil its mission to equip retail traders with powerful institution-grade tools. The prices for the presale start from $0.0100 and will reportedly end at $0.0200. This will offer early investors a 100% gain on their investment. The presale is scheduled to run through Q1 of 2024 before listing on exchanges in Q2 of 2024.

Commenting on the project, Bitbot’s Technical Product Advisor, Andrew Jacobs, stated: 

“As we experience a pivotal point in Web3’s evolution, I’m happy to announce Bitbot’s launch. Our mission is to equip retail traders with powerful institution-grade tools in a simple and intuitive trading interface that is backed by robust security. We have a great team and I am looking forward to driving the product’s evolution and meeting the Bitbot community on our regular AMAs, which will be announced on our social channels throughout the presale.”

In addition to the 100% gain, Bitbot offers holders 50% of its profits. This will reportedly be distributed as a percentage of the holders’ holdings after this year’s official launch. 

Telegram trading bots allow traders to manage their crypto trading portfolio and messaging activities under one umbrella. This integration allows traders to bypass the frequently convoluted user experience associated with exchanges. The trading bots have offered traders an easy way of conducting business by providing them with automated trading features. 

Bitbot comes into play to lead the market for Telegram trading bots, which has seen a significant rise in the recent past.  Currently, Telegram has over 800 million active users who form part of Telegram’s trading market. This trading market has seen a consideration of $7 billion in trade volume since its launch, with the trading bots making huge contributions to these numbers. 

Despite these growing numbers, the trading volume on Telegram’s trading bots is largely dominated by traditional cryptocurrency exchanges. Bitbot seeks to change this narrative, offering both new and expert investors opportunities that come with emerging technologies. Bitbot’s team seeks to address key issues, namely security and complexity of use. The team handles these issues head-on by getting rid of the need for complex commands. Bitbot offers an intuitive in-app interface that is easily recognizable to exchange users. Also, Bitbot offers non-custodial trading, allowing users to integrate Bitbot with their cold wallets. As a result, traders no longer need to give up their private keys for the bot’s powerful automated trading feature to function. 

Bitbot hopes to follow in the footsteps of its predecessors, the likes of Unibot and Banana Gun. A week after announcing its presale, Bitbot gained over 90k followers on  X and over 5000 members on  Telegram.

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