Honduras Adopts Bitcoin as Official Currency for Transactions

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In a notable development for the crypto sector, the Próspera economic zone in Honduras has officially embraced Bitcoin as a unit of account, allowing businesses and the public to set prices for goods and services in the cryptocurrency.

The decision, announced by Jorge Colindres, the jurisdiction’s tax commissioner of Próspera ZEDE (Zone for Employment and Economic Development), is expected to enhance financial freedom for individuals and businesses within the region.

Colindres emphasized the importance of freedom in transactions within the region, stating in a Sunday post on X, “At ProsperaZEDE, we believe in the right to financial freedom and monetary freedom. People should be free to carry out transactions, do their accounting and report taxes in the currency of their free choice.”

Meanwhile, the crypto community has welcomed the move as it positions Próspera as a forward-thinking charter city, granting it significant autonomy, including its own private government and regulatory systems.

That said, while the recognition of Bitcoin is a significant step forward, Colindres clarified that residents could not pay taxes in Bitcoin due to limitations in the e-government system and external regulatory challenges. Currently, tax obligations will continue to be settled in US dollars or Honduran lempira.

It is important to note that Próspero initially acknowledged Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as legal means of payment in April 2022. This latest development thus aligns with a broader trend in the region, as the municipality of Santa Lucia in Honduras integrated Bitcoin payments to attract tourists worldwide.

Interestingly, this move in Honduras comes just days after Argentina’s newly formed government ratified and confirmed Bitcoin as a valid contract currency. This approval extended to other cryptocurrencies and even unconventional forms of payment like kilograms of beef or litres of milk, aligning with current legislation.

Notably, the aforementioned countries now join El Salvador, which pioneered the acceptance of Bitcoin as legal tender in 2021, in embracing Bitcoin payments. Just recently, El Salvador unveiled a new visa program that extends citizenship privileges to individuals making a substantial investment of $1 million in either Bitcoin (BTC) or Tether (USDT), setting the stage for a more extensive adoption of Bitcoin across the broader Latin American region.

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