HyperproAI Holds Presale For Its Web3 Platform, Harnessing AI To Address Blockchain And Crypto Issues

HyperproAI Holds Presale For Its Web3 Platform, Harnessing AI To Address Blockchain And Crypto Issues

HyperproAI has developed a decentralized Web3 open network that combines blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) to address all crypto-related issues with AI instruments.

The team behind the project created HyerproAI because they believe that AI is the tool needed to take blockchain and cryptocurrencies to the next level. HyerproAI seeks to create a system with superior usable AI functionality allowing users to explore various professional DeFi applications. HyerproAI is a multi-feature platform that offers users unique features, including automated trading strategies, decentralization and AI marketplace/DAPP. HyerproAI is designed to offer users access to low-cost, secure and private high-performance computing power. Users can also access other services and resources, including a finite number of free API calls, reputation rankings and pricing information.

Users can set up automated trading strategies based on key order types and metrics through the platform. Notably, this information is transferred directly into the API of the broker. Users also get access to real-time analysis and insight, allowing them to create and easily manage their portfolios.

HyerproAI aims to become the driving force behind NFTs, blockchain, crypto, marketplaces and AI. The project hopes to provide all relevant state holders with the tools and decentralized framework to maximize output from decentralized exchanges. All this while creating the foundation for Web3 development.

Currently, HyerproAI is holding a presale round intended to allow users to become part of the project’s growing community. The ongoing presale offers participants 1 HPO (HyerproAI’s native token) for every $0.006. Participants can purchase the tokens using their ETH, BNB, USDT or a card.

The total supply of the $HPO tokens is 2 billion tokens, of which 50% will be used for the ICO/ presale round. $HPO serves a major role in the HyerproAI network. The token has many utilities, including transactions, governance and staking. $HPO also serves as an incentive tool, rewarding users for their engagement in the growth of the projects. Notably, staked tokens will serve as part of the liquidity pool, allowing users to engage in fiat-to-HPO exchanges. The longer one stakes their HPO tokens, the more tokens they get. 

Token holders will also get the opportunity to participate in the project’s decision-making process. Voting power will be determined by the number of tokens one has staked and the benefit quality ratings. Eventually, the project hopes this governance system will create a functional DAO.

Introduced in the last quarter of 2022, HyerproAI still has a long way to go. So far, the development team has launched its whitepaper, website, brand identity and more. In addition to the presale, the team is also working on launching the smart contract on the mainnet. Upcoming developments include the launch of HPO NFTs, the HPO token and multiple exchange listings.

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