Script Network Aims to Change The Video Streaming Industry, Challenging Giant Players Like Hulu

Script Network Aims to Change The Video Streaming Industry, Challenging Giant Players Like Hulu

Script Network, a decentralized video delivery platform, is making significant changes in traditional video streaming through its revolutionary innovation.

Script Network (SCPT) offers high-quality video streaming services accompanied by multiple incentives. The network allows users to watch video content, movies and TV shows. By leveraging the power of gamification, the platform enables users to earn rewards for sharing the video with other users, changing their interactions with SocialFi and GameFi.

Through blockchain and its technologies, Script Network stances to change the video streaming industry over-taking dominant players such as Hulu. Unlike other players in the market, Script Network offers different Web3 products and NFTs. Integrating Script Network into their video delivery stack, the platform will be able to deepen viewer engagement, viewer engagement, reduce video delivery costs, and drive incremental revenues. This will help the video platforms to grow their user base and gain market share.

Script Network also plans to provide content creators with a level playing ground allowing them to earn more for their work. The Network hopes by doing so, creators will be able to engage more and have creative control within the Script Network ecosystem.

Launched in late 2022, the Script Network has gained a significant number of followers and investors like. In its first presale stage, the Network gained over 25k subscribers and raised over $145,000. During the first quarter of 2023, Script Network recorded a usage of one million minutes watched per week from users across the globe.

The Network has its blockchain, the Script blockchain, that utilizes the proof of stake mechanism to run nodes that maintain the network’s security. The Script blockchain mainnet enables support for Turing-complete smart contracts. Smart contracts open up a new set of user experiences and attribution models for DApps built on the Script network. The blockchain also allows users to turn their screen time into rewards.

Script Network also introduces a collection of unique NFTs called ScriptGLASS that owners can leverage to get rewards and tokens. The ScriptGLASS NFTs can also help owners upgrade their position within the ecosystem system, allowing them to earn bigger rewards while trading. Notably, the NFT upgrade was implemented to reward users for remaining vital and continuing interactions on the Network.

The Script Network is still under development, and hopes to introduce more features in the coming days. This includes launching a mobile application in Q3 of 2023.

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