XT.COM Announces Listing of MEGA in its Main and Web3 Zones

XT.COM Announces Listing of MEGA in its Main and Web3 Zones

XT.COM, the world’s first social-infused exchange, announced today the listing of MEGA on its main and Web3 zones to improve the trading options for its users.

The listing will open the MEGA/USDT and MEGA/ETH trading pairs to users from December 19, 2022. XT.COM opened deposits for MEGA on December 18 2022, while withdrawals will be opened on December 20, 2022, at 10:00 UTC.  Notably, deposits, trading, and withdrawal options will be available live and coloured for both XT and MEGA holders.

MEGA is the native token for MegaWorld, a virtual multiplayer Web3 game built on top of the MegaCryptoPolis dApp that has been running since 2018. MegaWorld is the first player-owned virtual megapolis created to allow everyone to build their provably owned real estate.

MegaWorld seeks to achieve mass adoption for complex MCP3D mechanics through easy and involving gameplay. The game seeks to allow players to walk down the streets of the decentralized city with Avatars and complete daily tasks to receive rewards facilitating production in Microeconomics.

MEGA is an ERC-20 token deployed on the Polygon blockchain. $MEGA is a utility token that will also be used for governance. The token facilitates different operations within the game, including constructing new buildings, producing resources and creating new avatars, resting your citizens, getting insurance, and more.

The token has a circulating and maximum supply of 20 million tokens. The MEGA tokens can be obtained from the game’s virtual operational offices, commercial buildings, and municipal buildings. Players can use their tokens to purchase stamina restoration services in commercial buildings and insurance in municipal building.

Founded in 2018, XT.COM has continued to welcome projects for crypto listing, achieving parallel growth with them. Currently, the trading platform has over 6 million registered users and over 1 million monthly active users. XT.COM has over 40 million users in its ecosystem that enjoy 800+ trading pairs.

XT.COM is popular for its diverse trading categories, including spot trading and futures trading. The trading platform also has an NFT aggregated marketplace that strives to provide a trusted, secure and intuitive experience while catering to a large user base.

In addition, XT.COM has made its crypto services more accessible to its users around the work by offering support for social networking platform-based transactions.

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