OnlyOrigin is giving away over $100,000 in NFTs for Christmas!

OnlyOrigin is giving away over $100,000 in NFTs for Christmas!

Christmas is approaching, and it’s a season of joy! It’s not just Santa handing out presents this year, so you can also receive a thank you gift from OnlyOrigin under the tree.

We’re also here with gifts! To celebrate the Christmas event and to thank everyone for supporting OnlyOrigin in 2022, we are launching an exclusive Christmas event. We will give away gifts worth more than 100,000 US dollars, including NFT Christmas, limited NFT and OnlyOrigin commemorative gold coins.

Christmas Limited NFT

OnlyOrigin has produced a limited edition Christmas-themed NFT with the creators of “Crazy Zombie Club” and “SHAR-Type Mecha”. Both collections produced 100 limited NFTs worth a whopping $50,000.

Starting at 0:01 AM PST on December 22, 2022, the first 100 users who purchase a “Pass” will receive a Christmas-themed limited “Activator” of the series. By using this limited “activator” to activate “Pass”, you will be able to get a Christmas-themed limited NFT of the series.

At the same time, we will open the Christmas-themed repurchase function on January 7, 2023, and will repurchase at a price of 0.25-0.33ETH. You can choose to sell Christmas-themed limited NFTs on the OnlyOrigin platform and earn your profits immediately.

Santa’s Bag of Gold Coins

Starting at 0:01 AM PST on December 27, 2022, the first 100 users of all series to use the “activator” to synthesize will receive an OnlyOrigin gold coin box. The OnlyOrigin gold coin box will consist of a limited gold coin NFT and a commemorative physical gold coin. The value of gifts at this stage is also as high as $50,000.

The value of the limited gold coin NFT is equivalent to 50% of the series “pass” and “activator” purchase price. Similarly, at this price, we will repurchase the limited gold coin NFT at OnlyOrigin. You can sell limited gold coins NFT on the OnlyOrigin platform to earn your profit.

At the same time, we will mail a pure gold coin with collection value to the winning user. This gold coin will be used as part of the reward and mainly used as a collectible. This means that when you choose to sell limited gold coins on the OnlyOrigin platform, the pure gold coins mailed to you will not be taken back—no matter what, this pure gold coin belongs to you.

Blind Box Gifts for Fans

We have not forgotten the loyal fans of the Telegram community, and we will give away a random “activator” airdrop to all loyal fans. Open this mysterious airdrop, and it is possible to get an NFT with a maximum value of 10ETH.

All you need to do is share pictures or videos with the Christmas spirit. But wait – there’s a twist! Your entry must also contain OnlyOrigin information. If you haven’t joined our community, you can check how to join the group through our platform or click here.

It’s the season of fun with OnlyOrigin

To make sure you don’t miss an OnlyOrigin Christmas event, follow us at #OnlyOrigin on social media. In addition to the above events and prizes, you will also get the latest news about all our events and offers.

Finally, the entire OnlyOrigin team wishes you a great start to the festive season and looks forward to seeing you around the Christmas tree this December.

For more information about our OnlyOrigin, please refer to the link below:





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