Big Eyes Coin: A Presale Meme Token Set To Model The Offers Of Aave and Sandbox For Rewarding Advancement

Big Eyes Coin: A Presale Meme Token Set To Model The Offers Of Aave and Sandbox For Rewarding Advancement

The Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a new crypto project revolutionizing the DeFi ecosystem. Its timely emergence will promote wealth acquisition and ocean preservation. The project is an entirely new meme coin. It will ride on the Ethereum blockchain for operations, and BIG will be its official ticker symbol. 

Before its emergence, dog-themed meme coins dominated the crypto space with various utilities. The Big Eyes Coin (BIG) infiltrates and rebrands the existing boring doge theme with a unique symbol- a cute anime-inspired cat.

Big Eyes Coin: Raising Over $1 million in the First Week Presale Launch: A Huge Prospect to Consider

Big Eyes Coin has proven to be the next big crypto project. The offers on the platform are very enticing. As a result, crypto enthusiasts are already exploiting its fascinating services.

Remarkably, Big Eyes Coin raised over $1 million in funding within a week of the presale launch. This is a mouth-watering achievement. This feat is not a product of media hype, but the trust users have in Big Eyes.

Big Eyes Coin Will Protect The Ocean

Environmental pollution and degradation are fast becoming a cause of worry. Human activities like oil spillage, dredging, continued fishing, and ocean recovery threaten the ocean.

Big Eyes Coin will earmark 5% of its assets in a wallet and donate it to restore marine life. Thus, the ocean and its endangered species will be protected and preserved.

Ethereum Merge: A Timely Innovation For Big Eyes Advancement

On September 15, 2022, Ethereum rebranded its blockchain functionality. With the ingenuity of Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum founder, the blockchain dumped its proof-of-work consensus mechanism. It moved to a modified proof-of-stake protocol named Beacon Chain.

This innovation will improve scalability, security, and trading on the network. More importantly, it has resulted in low power consumption. 

For instance, energy consumption has reduced drastically to -99.95%. This will benefit the cat community as users will use less energy and enjoy speed.

Big Eyes Coin Vs. Aave

Aave is a decentralized protocol that provides a platform for lending and borrowing. This decentralized exchange platform enables users to deposit their assets as collateral. Aave’s governance token is AAVE.

One connecting factor between Big Eyes Coin and Aave is that both run on the Ethereum blockchain. It is natural to conclude that both will benefit from the innovation recorded by the Ethereum blockchain.

Operations on Aave as a decentralized exchange protocol is fast and economical. Users of Big Eyes will also experience this.

Second, Aave and Big Eyes Coin promote community-driven initiatives. Possessing AAVE enables a user on Aave’s protocol to earn ownership status.

Big Eyes Coin’s community ownership is quite outstanding. It has made 90% of its governance token available to the public. This is more than what Aave has offered. 

Big Eyes Vs. Sandbox

Sandbox is a gaming metaverse project that enables users to play games, create virtual characters, trade, and interact with other anonymous gamers. 

More strikingly, Sandbox provides an exhilarating gaming experience for game lovers. The platform hosts play-to-earn gaming activities and runs on the legendary Ethereum blockchain.

One exciting thing about Sandbox is that gamers can internalize themselves in the funfair by creating avatars while playing. Sandbox rewards gamers in the form of NFTs. Gamers also earn the platform’s governance token (SAND) for their engagement.

Like Big Eyes Coin, Sandbox runs on the Ethereum network. Users are granted less energy consumption with appreciable functionality.

Additionally, Sandbox is community-driven, like Big Eyes. Holders of SAND can vote, recommend or influence operational decisions. Sandbox also enables gamers to interact freely on its platform.

Big Eyes seems to model these offers on Sandbox due to their success. It is projected that Big Eyes’ features will result in outstanding feats, as recorded by Sandbox, a successful forerunner.

How To Purchase The Big Eyes Coin Presale

To enjoy the enticing features and offers of Big Eyes, join the presale by taking the following steps:

Fund an ERC-20 token-compatible wallet with BNB, ETH, or USDT. Upon visiting the presale website, connect your wallet with your deposited token to the portal and approve the transaction.

Food For Thought 

With Big Eyes, the big-eyed cat sees the world in another light. Crypto enthusiasts should enjoy good returns for their commitment. Big Eyes will also work to preserve the oceans from wanton degradation. Join the project today and enjoy all it has to offer.

For more information on Big Eyes Coin (BIG), please visit the following links:

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