BudBlockz Presale on Track to Sell Out and Raise Millions Like Stepn

BudBlockz Presale on Track to Sell Out and Raise Millions Like Stepn

Cryptocurrencies are doing more than providing a disintermediated medium of payment. Crypto is also innovatively transforming how business entities raise funds they require to finance their operations.

By putting up tokens for sale, creators and developers can get the money they need to develop and market their crypto projects. Token presales also help gauge market interest and requirements and provide leverage for accessing private venture capital.

Unlocking a new niche

BudBlockz is an upcoming Blockchain/crypto-based project whose primary objective is to leverage decentralized technology to make the buying and selling of Cannabis products more efficient, private, secure, convenient, and profitable.

This is because the world is fast becoming conscious of the numerous health, nutritional, and recreational benefits of Cannabis. As a result, various jurisdictions are decriminalizing and instead embracing the production and commercial distribution of Cannabis products.

The implication of this decriminalization is that producers, retailers, and investors will be able to benefit from the colossal profit potential of the Cannabis business, which is projected to increase by over $170 billion by 2030.

High demand for $BLUNT tokens

Therefore, as a decentralized E-commerce platform dedicated to facilitating the Cannabis trade, BudBlockz will be at the center of this growth as a major catalyst of this advancement. But how so? How will BudBlockz raise millions like STEPN and other successful crypto-based projects?

Several strong indicators show BudBlockz presale is on track to sell out and raise millions;

Firstly, BudBlockz was able to record impressive numbers during its private sale. Only 5 days into the private sale that was supposed to last a month, 30% of the $BLUNT tokens allocated to the sale had already been sold.

This greatly exceeded expectations and adequately demonstrated that BudBlockz is a crypto investor favourite with high demand. As a result, the presale is also likely to quickly sell out, considering it was launched earlier to cater to demand.

Fractional ownership: a major attraction

Secondly, BudBlockz is unique in that its investors don’t only stand to profit when its tokens’ price increases in the future. Rather, BudBlockz invites its community to have a piece of the pie directly.

This is because, with BudBlockz’s Ganja Guruz NFTs, investors can own fractional stakes in real-world assets. These assets are the Cannabis-based farms, dispensaries, and cafes that will be available on the decentralized E-commerce platform.

By owning a portion of the assets from which BudBlockz’s revenue will be raised, investors will enjoy dividends that will give them a great source of passive income. What’s more, there is no minimum limit that an investor must meet to get fractional ownership.

This will attract more buyers in the presale as it will democratize access to opportunities for passive income in the BudBlockz ecosystem whether via fractional ownership, staking of $BLUNT tokens, or the sale of NFTs in BudBlockz’s NFT marketplace.

Drawing in the gaming audience

Lastly, besides its discounts, NFTs, and unified global community of Cannabis enthusiasts, BudBlockz’s P2E gaming platform BudBlockz Arcade will help to attract an entirely new audience of young gamers.

This audience may or may not be Cannabis fans, but their interest in the project will positively contribute to the $BLUNT tokens allocated to the running out of presale. Therefore, just like STEPN was able to raise millions and appreciate exponentially in value, BudBlockz presale will equally perform well or better than STEPN’s.

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