0x0.Art Enables Users To Make Money From NFTs Without Selling Them

0x0.Art Enables Users To Make Money From NFTs Without Selling Them

0x0.Art, an AI-based digital art creation platform, is allowing its users to flourish in the NFT market during this crypto winter without necessarily selling their NFTs.

0x0.Art team is calling upon NFT owners to recruit their NFTs instead of selling them in a market where digital art becomes hangable paintings. An owner can offer their community to buy high-resolution prints of the real NFTs to get income. Each 0x0.Art user has access o high-end digital printing services that allow them to convert digital artwork into physical artwork that can be sold or traded. 

By design, this unique relief printing technology makes it possible to print unique embossing simultaneously as the item is digitally printed at virtually any size and without repeating the embossing pattern. This will be made possible thanks to a non-forgeable sticker combined with blockchain technology and NFT. Notably, in future resales, every minted NFT will receive an additional 1% royalty fee on their minted artwork. The more expensive they are sold, the more the owner will earn. 

The platform allowed artists to create original digital art using their 0x0.Art AI tool. Notably, users can create, tokenize their art, print and authenticate physical reproductions using Ethereum blockchain as verified assets. The tool allows NFT owners to turn their digital assets into amazing real hangable paintings.

The 0x0.Art team explains:

“Our AI-based services allow users to create unique art from the user-submitted text, allowing artists to explore their creative endeavors rather than the technical aspects of digital art. At the same time, our proprietary data sets and algorithms will enable us to provide users with the best possible results. We offer a single platform to empower artists and creators to express themselves and their creativity best.”

Each time one buys an 0x0.Art NFT, they get access to an artificial intelligence tool, one free 50 by 38 painting with a wooden frame and high-tech printing, and one free shipping to any country in the world. 0x0.Art has a Holo-secured authentication protocol that acts as a bridge between the artwork and blockchain. This unlocks a new trackable secondary art market. Note counterfeiting or removing a holographic certificate without damage is impossible.

0x0.Art offers unique benefits to users who participate in the first emission of minted Nonfungible Tokens (NFTs). The first emission of NFTs will compose the first 10,000 NFTs minted on the platform. 0x0.Art will be holding a presale mint starting from June 27. There are only 800 whitelist spots available. 

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