PrimeXBT: 10 Reasons why you should trade Bitcoin here

PrimeXBT: 10 Reasons why you should trade Bitcoin here

As the first cryptocurrency ever invented, Bitcoin was once responsible for 99% of the crypto market. As of October 2023, its dominance stands at around 53%. No matter the percentage, the number of people who want to trade Bitcoin but don’t know where to start grows. 

Selecting the right trading platform is an important step in this process, as it can significantly impact your trading experience and success. Why should you choose one broker over another? What makes one platform better than another? In this article, we’ve detailed 10 reasons you should trade Bitcoin with PrimeXBT. 

1. An all-in-one trading platform

PrimeXBT offers an all-in-one trading platform that allows you to trade not only Bitcoin but also over 100 other markets, including Crypto Futures and CFDs on Forex, Indices, and Commodities. Additionally, you can buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies directly on the platform. This versatility makes it easy to manage a diversified portfolio from a single, streamlined interface.

2. Low fees and tight spreads

One of PrimeXBT’s standout features is its low trading fees. With maker fees as low as 0.01% and taker fees at 0.02% for Crypto Futures, only 0.05% trading fee for Crypto CFDs, and the lowest fees for buying cryptocurrency, PrimeXBT ensures that you get more for less. Additionally, the platform boasts some of the tightest spreads in the industry, further enhancing your trading efficiency. 

3. High leverage options

PrimeXBT offers up to 1000x leverage for CFDs and 200x leverage for Crypto Futures and Crypto CFDs. This high leverage allows traders to amplify their positions, maximizing potential returns.

4. Advanced trading tools

Powered by TradingView, PrimeXBT provides advanced trading tools and technical analysis capabilities. Traders can use a variety of indicators such as RSI, Bollinger Bands, MACD, and moving averages to develop and execute sophisticated trading strategies.

5. Comprehensive security

Security is a top priority at PrimeXBT. The platform employs top-level encryption and cold storage wallets to ensure the safety of client funds. 

6. Quick and easy onboarding

Getting started with PrimeXBT is straightforward and seamless. The platform offers quick and easy onboarding, allowing you to start trading in minutes. With a user-friendly interface, even beginners can navigate the platform with ease and confidence.

7. Multiple deposit options

PrimeXBT supports both crypto and fiat deposits, providing traders with flexibility and convenience. Whether you prefer to fund your account with Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, Tether, Covesting Coin, traditional currencies, or local payment methods, PrimeXBT has you covered.

8. 24/7 Professional support

PrimeXBT offers you around-the-clock support from real humans, not just bots. With an average response time of just 30 seconds, you will get timely and effective assistance whenever needed.

9. Copy trading

For those who prefer a more hands-off approach, PrimeXBT’s innovative Copy Trading feature allows you to copy the trades of successful Strategy Providers. This way, even novice traders can benefit from the expertise of seasoned professionals and earn passive income.

10. Continuous innovation

PrimeXBT is committed to continuous innovation and client-centric improvements. The platform regularly updates its offerings, adding new cryptocurrencies and features based on user feedback. Recently, PrimeXBT underwent a rebrand better to reflect its commitment to client needs and industry leadership. This dedication to innovation ensures that PrimeXBT remains at the cutting edge of the trading industry.


PrimeXBT provides a comprehensive, user-friendly, and secure platform for trading Bitcoin and other coins. With low fees, high-leverage options, advanced trading tools, and excellent customer support, it’s no wonder that traders worldwide choose PrimeXBT as their preferred trading platform. Whether you’re a novice looking to get started or an experienced trader seeking advanced features, PrimeXBT offers everything you need to succeed in the dynamic world of Crypto trading and beyond.

Start trading Bitcoin on PrimeXBT today and experience the advantages for yourself.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article, and views in it do not represent those of, nor should they be attributed to, ZyCrypto. Readers should conduct independent research before taking any actions related to the company, product, or project mentioned in this piece; nor can this article be regarded as investment advice. Please be aware that trading cryptocurrencies involve substantial risk as the volatility of the crypto market can lead to significant losses.

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