“Cardano Is Here To Stay” — ADA Creator Shuts Down Haters With Upcoming Ultra-Bullish Developments

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Will Cardano die? Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has hosed down speculation regarding his pet project’s viability in a fiery rebuttal on the X platform. Hoskinson also shared a thorough rundown of the network’s forthcoming advancements which he believes demonstrate Cardano’s robust health and bright future.

Hoskinson Lauds Cardano’s Growth

Charles Hoskinson went on the defensive in a lengthy June 6 post on X (aka Twitter), lashing out at what he calls a stark disconnect between public perception of Cardano and the network’s actual fundamentals.

Hoskinson vented about headlines that question the blockchain’s viability, such as “Will Cardano die?”. He dubbed such media coverage “beyond pathetic,” asserting that it reflects the “low quality and low effort” put into understanding the ecosystem.

Hoskinson highlighted that Cardano is on the verge of major network developments, including the Chang hard fork, which he described as the “most significant hard fork in the history of the project.”

Never in my career have I seen such a profound disconnect between reality and opinion with the cryptocurrency influencer and media perception of Cardano versus its actual fundamentals.

We are on the verge of the most significant hard fork in the history of the project, tons of…

— Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) June 6, 2024

As covered previously by ZyCrypto, the upcoming Chang is the first hard fork of the Voltaire era of Cardano’s roadmap, which will bring about community-run governance to the blockchain by allowing on-chain community consensus and letting Cardano’s ADA holders use their tokens to vote on proposals. 

This update will also entail burning all seven Genesis keys, therefore marking a landmark step toward greater and more transparent community participation. Chang will also introduce Delegate Representatives (DReps), further decentralizing decision-making processes within the Cardano network.

After this, the Cardano Constitution Convention will take place in Argentina. Governance representatives from workshops worldwide will meet to formulate the initial version of the Constitution, setting guidelines for community governance.

Hoskinson To Critics: Cardano Is Here To Stay

Besides the hard fork, Hoskinson also cited a slew of other developments set to boost growth and innovation within the Cardano ecosystem. These include the rollout of Cardano-based Hydra, a layer-two scalability solution designed to enhance the transaction processing capacity and lower transaction costs on the Cardano blockchain. The crypto entrepreneur further highlighted that Cardano boasts multiple partner chains with Midnight and Prism.

Hoskinson concluded with a powerful message to skeptics: “Cardano is here to stay, and it’s a juggernaut that will drag this industry kicking and screaming if it has to towards solving the real-world economic, political, and social issues.” This statement quashes claims about Cardano’s imminent demise and challenges crypto community members to recognize the ongoing tremendous advancements.

ADA changed hands at $0.48 at press time, reflecting a 4.41% increase in the past 24 hours.

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