BEVM Launches The BEVM Visionary Builders (BVB) Program With A $60 Million Incentive

BEVM Launches The BEVM Visionary Builders (BVB) Program With A $60 Million Incentive

BEVM is proud to introduce its new incentive program, the BEVM Visionary Builders (BVB), which supports projects with significant prospects and increases community participation.

The initiative follows the recent partnership with Binance Wallet for an airdrop event that saw significant traction from the community. The BEVM Visionary Builders program promotes the development of 17 tracks, including stablecoins, DEXs, lending, and more. According to the team, this program will provide up to $60 million to outstanding projects and users.

BVB also seeks to introduce an on-chain community voting mechanism that will help participating project evaluate their active users through the voting mechanism. Users will be eligible to receive airdrops of ORDINALS for their participation in the on-chain voting system.RUNE and BEVM tokens.

The BVB program is now open to all applications. We welcome interested applicants to fill out the required forms, which are available in the Ecosystem section of the BEVM website or the BEVM Visionary Builders Application Form link.

Projects that pass the review process will be listed on the BVB section of the BEVM website. Teams behind each listed project will then invite community members to vote for them. The voting system will reportedly help the BEVM term distribute ORDINALS.RUNE assets and $60 million worth of tokens.

The BEVM team will distribute the incentives for the first month based on the community ECO score ranking. The ECO scores can be earned in three ways: Genesis Box, inviting users, and voting. The Genesis Box (GBX) is a reward system designed by BEVM to reward users who supported the project during their mainnet launch. Users can earn between 500 and 1500 ECO scores based on their on-chain activity. Note that the GBX will be consumed once opened. The invite incentive will reward both the invitee and the inviter. The invitee will receive a 5% score boost, while the inviter will earn 5% of every vote cast by the invitee. Lastly, users will earn 100 scores for each vote cast.  

BEVM is set to announce the first batch of BVB winners during the second month. Notably, 30% of the incentives will be airdropped to on-chain voters, while the remaining 70% will be issued to outstanding projects and their users.

In addition, the BEVM Visionary Builders program seeks to create new opportunities for the BEVM community while providing valuable insight into the cryptocurrency industry. By combining incentives and on-chain voting, BEVM will ensure that select projects get the support needed to solve technical challenges and improve their operations. 

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