Dora Factory’s $DORA Airdrop Targets Over 1 Million ATOM Stakers In Historic MACI Voting Round

Dora Factory’s $DORA Airdrop Targets Over 1 Million ATOM Stakers In Historic MACI Voting Round

Dora Factory, a digital infrastructure of decentralized government and public good funding, is elated to announce the gas fee airdrop of its native token $DORA eligible to all ATOM stakers.

According to the team behind the project, the airdrop campaign was set for June 5 for all ATOM stakers. There are about 1.04 million addresses eligible to receive the $DORA tokens. Through the airdrop, Dora Factory aims to mobilize the Cosmos community to participate in the public good governance experiment created for the community.

$DORA is a native token of Dora Vota, a decentralized governance application chain created by the Dora Factory using the Cosmos SDK. Notably, this event will make history as one of the largest airdrops in the industry.

Notably, the airdrop will empower the Cosmos communities, allowing them to participate in the ATOM Economic Zone (AEZ) quadratic funding and Minimum Anti Collusion Infrastructure (MACI) voting. The event invites the Cosmos community to participate in the governance process of the ATOM Economic Zone Quadratic Funding, a democratic public goods funding program available on The ATOM Economic Zone is a two-year quadratic funding plan set to start in June 2024. The plan has attracted numerous projects with promising upcoming support from the community. The AEZ is a collaboration initiative launched by DoraHacks, ATOM Accelerator DAO, and Dora Factory.

MACI voting aims to introduce cutting-edge privacy-enabled voting technology to the Cosmos community, allowing voters to express their options for public goods without revealing their identities.  Dora Factory plans to implement Dora Vota’s native Gass Sation feature to help cover voting fees for the MACI voting round. This is aimed at ensuring all community members can participate in MACI voting. Reportedly, this fee subsidy represents Dora Factory’s commitment outlined in the Cosmos Governance Proposal 917. So far, Dora Factory has whitelisted over 1 million addresses, marking the largest voting experience in MACI’s history.

These privacy voting rounds are designed as a democratic governance experiment to mobilize communities to support public goods and early-state developers. The communities can use ATOM tokens to vote and donate to public goods teams. Members can also support early-stage developers and participate in the distribution of an 80k ATOM and $200k USDC matching pool across the 10 rounds of AEZ Quadratic Funding and MACI voting. $DORA holders can use their new tokens to cover gas fees for these and more transactions.

Since its launch, Dora Factory has been at the frontline of the decentralized governance protocol stack. The has spearheaded the development of public good staking infrastructure to revolutionize long-term funding of developers in the PoS ecosystem.

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