Apu Memecoin Launches Flashy Billboard Campaign in New York City

Apu Memecoin Launches Flashy Billboard Campaign in New York City

Apu Apustaja, the meme coin that has captured the attention of the entire crypto industry, is also causing a stir in the bustling streets of New York City. Flashy billboards dot the landscape, captivating passersby and onlookers with advertisements for this exciting project. The renowned frog meme coin is now showcased on 13 billboards strategically placed at different locations in Manhattan, including one in the vibrant Times Square, a globally recognized hub of commercial activity.

New York is a prominent economic powerhouse on a global scale. It is filled with Wall Street firms, influential banking institutions, and a thriving crypto community. Advertising within this city is a significant achievement for Apu Apustaja, expanding its visibility and reach. Inspired by memes, the charming coin can now attract a broader audience and welcome new enthusiasts excited about the project and its potential.

Apu Memecoin Launches Flashy Billboard Campaign in New York City

The billboards featuring Apu Apustaja in New York are crucial to the project’s comprehensive marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and establish a strong presence. The team’s marketing strategy involves regularly publishing web articles and actively engaging with its expanding community across multiple channels, such as X (Twitter), Telegram, and Instagram. Most importantly, the team emphasizes that this is merely the start of their vision for the project’s growth and its supporters.

Since its release, Apu has undergone a multitude of significant advancements. For example, the project successfully listed its token, $APU, on several prominent exchanges, including MEXC, Bitget, Bitmart,, BingX, CoinEx, and LBank Exchange. In addition, it established a market maker and completed an audit with Metatrust.

Even more significant is that the project acquired APU.COM, which will soon serve as its official website, replacing the previous domain. This incredible event brought immense joy to its dedicated supporters, with over 12,000 coin holders and 15,000 members on the Telegram channel.

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