Memeinator Memecoin Lists On Exchanges After Raising $7.7 Million

Memeinator Memecoin Lists On Exchanges After Raising $7.7 Million

Memeinator, the ultimate meme coin, is proud to announce its listing on leading exchanges MEXC and Uniswap.

Memeinator is set to list its native token  MMTR   on the MEXC and Uniswap exchanges on May 29th, 2024, at 3 PM UTC. The listing follows a recently concluded presale round of over $7.7 million. Memeinator has experienced an upward trajectory in the last few weeks, which is evident in its growing community and overall ecosystem.

The $MMTR token, which has a total supply of 1 billion tokens, serves as the cornerstone of the Memeinator ecosystem. It provides holders with access to new products and perks. Listing on these exchanges offers the token room for mass adoption.

As the new crypto project in the market, Memeinator leverages AI technology, a meme targeting system, and other cutting-edge technologies to stand as the ultimate meme coin token. Memeinator has emerged as a game changer for the meme coin market. Its current goal is to attain a $1 billion market cap while creating a massive following. In line with its mission, Memeinator has launched various new products and formed strategic partnerships aimed at placing the project on top of the market. 

Commenting on the listing, Marco Tonetti, Head of Product, said: 

“Today is the culmination of months of hard work, and the team and community are super excited for Memeinator to take flight. Our team has prepared a huge marketing push to support the listing myself and our Head of Community, Dylan, will be running our usual AMAs and will welcome any incoming questions.”

Memeinator features a meme coin from the future, particularly in 2077. The meme coin offers a dynamic landscape of meme enthusiasts and investors to explore the meme coin industry. Forced into the past, Memeinator’s mission is to locate and destroy the weakest memes, hoping to prevent the impending war in the future.

The last couple of weeks have seen the Memeinator community grow to over 125,000, and it is expected to grow further after the listing. According to the team, these numbers clearly reflect the anticipation and eagerness of the communities that desire a good meme coin token with a promising future. 

Memeinator also plans to leverage the 2024 bull market to surpass its competitor, PEPE, which recently achieved a $6 billion market cap. Just recently, Memeinator announced its new staking pool that offers up to 60% APY. According to the team, the community should expect more exciting developments in the coming days, including the upcoming Memeinator NFTs and the Memeinator: Meme Warfare game, which is set for launch this quarter.

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