Mollars Token Is A Special Coin, Presale Explodes Past $1.4-Million

Mollars Token Is A Special Coin, Presale Explodes Past $1.4-Million

Mollars fever continues to storm through the cryptocurrency world of 450-million traders. The token popularizing under the handle of ‘Ethereum Blockchain’s new Bitcoin’ is not only a unique project itself but also unprecedented in its success.  Ending its  ICO phase on June 1st,  the ERC-20 store-of-value asset exploded past $1.4-million-dollars in token presales.

“We’ve exploded past 1.4-million-dollars raised, now let’s get to the hard cap and close out MOD Squad,” announced the Mollars team on X earlier today.

On the official subreddit, a pro-Mollars community member by the name of @David_Defi also made a post about the significant milestone.

He wrote, “$1.4mi[llion] raised, nearly 3 million tokens sold.”

5 Figures of Growth Daily

Posted around 4:32 PM [EST] on Thursday, the Reddit post was a screenshot of the token presale at $1,401,174.    Today, less than 48 hours later, the presale has grown to a sum of nearly  $20,000 higher and well on its way to $1.5-million-dollars.

The upward sales trend of the Mollars token presale has been partially due to its transparent and easily verifiable track record. All ICO transaction addresses were public on day 1 of the initial coin offering launch.

The owner’s overall approach to the project has also appeared to prioritize clarity. All promises made by the whitepaper thus far have been kept, including a new decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.  The DEX is set to launch on the cryptocurrency brand’s secondary domain,, on or before September 15th [2024].

Fair Play: Mollars Tokens Require You “Put In” To Get Out

With no ownership and 100% of the total token supply being sold in an equal opportunity process, Mollars is keeping true to the principal rules of cryptocurrency. The founder wants to avoid any single entity holding massive tokens like Satoshi of Bitcoin has done and produce one of the purest crypto opportunities.

Mollars is a store of value assets like Bitcoin. However, it has only a total token supply of 10-million. In comparison, $BTC has a 21M supply.

Is Bitcoin the smoothest rug pull ever?

Another difference within that total token supply is that 100% of Mollars tokens will be sold at ‘fair market pricing.’ Bitcoin differs as its founder, Satoshi Nakamoto, kept one million tokens in a hidden wallet prior to launch, essentially a slow and minuscule but major pull.

Anyone who has Mollars tokens, on the other hand, will have to ‘put in to get out.’ All tokens will be paid for, meaning no one profits without contributing to the project’s overall growth and scarcity increase.

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