Caldera debuts Guardian Nodes, forming a new path for teams to secure funds and decentralize their network

Caldera debuts Guardian Nodes, forming a new path for teams to secure funds and decentralize their network

Rollup-as-a-Service platform Caldera is introducing Guardian Nodes, a fully functional node system that allows network users to validate roll-up blocks in exchange for rewards.

HYCHAIN, the pioneering team that utilized this groundbreaking system, raised an impressive $8 million through its successful initial node sale.

Caldera, the dominant Rollup-as-a-Service (RaaS) platform, currently supports over fifty EVM rollups, such as Manta, Injective inEVM, Kinto, HYCHAIN, Treasure, and ApeChain. These rollups collectively safeguard approximately $1 billion in locked value.

Caldera provides a comprehensive rollup infrastructure complemented by a wide range of integrations and user-friendly tools for chains.

Guardian Nodes have recently been added to that list.

Setting the Stage

Currently, most L1 blockchains function on a proof-of-stake model. This model motivates participants to contribute their stake and validate the chain through network rewards.

This incentive structure promotes decentralization by motivating individual stakers to run honest validators and penalizing those who fail to do so. Thus, it significantly deters attacks on a network and jeopardizes its security.

Exploring the concept of decentralizing rollups

EVM rollups have effectively addressed the scalability challenge, as L2s and L3s on Ethereum have opened up the possibility of achieving virtually unlimited scalability. However, sincere network participants remain lukewarm about overseeing these rollups.

Caldera’s Guardian Nodes allow teams to decentralize their rollups by allowing users to verify blocks and safeguard the network while earning rewards. This is achieved by implementing a unique “light verifier” to Arbitrum rollups, enabling Guardian Node operators to verify Nitro batches on regular hardware without needing a full node.

Teams can offer Guardian Nodes to their users through a “Node Sale”. During this sale, “keys” are distributed to authenticate a node’s eligibility for submitting claims and earning rewards. Purchasers of these keys gain the ability to operate a Guardian Node on a specific rollup.

HYCHAIN, the pioneering team that harnessed this system, raised an impressive $8m from a staggering 16,000+ node keys in a mere 2 weeks. This remarkable achievement propelled their community to new heights and generated substantial revenue for their project.

By allowing multiple parties to monitor a rollup and detect any malicious activity, the network’s security strengthens, which is essential for building confidence in the chain’s accuracy. It’s fascinating to see how a rollup’s native token becomes more in demand as users need it to participate in validation. This not only strengthens the network’s security but also adds a practical cryptoeconomic aspect.

Guardians Nodes are a valuable addition to Caldera’s already impressive infrastructure solution. Given the impressive launch of HYCHAIN, numerous teams will likely utilize this groundbreaking product for their rollup projects in the upcoming months.

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