Sui Announces Integration With Mesh to Bring Simplified Transactions Across the Sui Ecosystem

Sui Announces Integration With Mesh to Bring Simplified Transactions Across the Sui Ecosystem

Sui and Mesh have joined forces to integrate Mesh’s advanced digital asset transfer and account aggregation technology with Sui Wallet and other wallets in the Sui ecosystem. This collaboration will enhance the functionality and convenience of these wallets, providing users with a seamless experience.

Through the incorporation of Mesh, Sui Wallet users can now view their combined asset balances from numerous exchanges and wallet platforms. They can effortlessly transfer these assets within a single click, all within the Sui Wallet interface. This integration brings fresh interoperability, on-ramping, asset management, and token swapping directly within wallets native to the Sui Network. It showcases how Sui’s tech stack stands out from other blockchains. The wallet tooling is anticipated to be launched later this year.

Mesh has recently announced its support for the SUI token across all its products. Users can now enjoy seamless digital asset transfers, payments, account aggregation, and token trading across over 300 top crypto wallets and exchanges.

Established in 2020, Mesh has quickly become a prominent player. The company has formed partnerships with prominent platforms such as CoinDCX and MetaMask. Additionally, it has gained the trust of PayPal Ventures, which invested strategically in the start-up using its PYUSD stablecoin.

“Mesh’s tooling gives wallet providers across the Sui ecosystem a massive technological advantage, and it gives the Sui community a native wallet experience that’s unmatched on other blockchains,” said Greg Siourounis, Managing Director of the Sui Foundation. “Native wallets are fundamental to increasing access and driving the growth and adoption of any network, and Sui now has a clear edge in this regard.”

This latest collaboration with Mesh showcases Sui’s commitment to providing developers and users with innovative implementations of technologies that simplify adoption and make blockchain accessible to a wider audience, including both enterprise and retail users.

Take zkLogin, for instance. It’s an on-chain authorization feature exclusive to Sui. With zkLogin, users can easily authenticate with decentralized applications using familiar OAuth providers like Google and Twitter. This eliminates the need to deal with wallet addresses and seed phrases, making the process much smoother. zkSend is a unique application available only on Sui. It leverages zkLogin to empower users to send and claim tokens effortlessly through link sharing or clicking. With the integration of Mesh, Sui can now provide users with an incredibly advanced and seamless experience, setting a new standard in the industry.

“Our collaboration with Sui unlocks powerful tooling and interoperability for the millions of wallets on the Sui Network and represents a pivotal development in our mission to build a more connected and secure financial ecosystem,” said Bam Azizi, Co-Founder and CEO of Mesh. “This is our first direct integration with a Layer 1 blockchain’s flagship native wallet, and soon, wallets across the Sui ecosystem will be able to integrate with the Mesh platform, creating a much better experience for users across the globe.”

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