WienerAI Presale Revs up as Holders Look for Alternatives to GameStop

WienerAI Presale Hits $750k as Interest in the New Trading Bot Rises

GameStop stock caused a major stir last week after Roaring Kitty returned to the trading scene after leaving for three years following the GameStop short squeeze of 2021. His return caused GameStop’s stock to skyrocket; when meme stocks surge, meme coins are not far behind.

As expected, several meme coins blew up after the return of Roaring Kitty, including GameStop (GME) meme coins and others, many of which run on Solana’s network.

The hype also expanded to include cryptocurrencies still in presale, such as WienerAI (WAI). The token’s presale skyrocketed to $2 million last week, and it continues to blow up further, currently sitting at $2.37 million raised.

The token is selling for $0.000709, and it can be bought with ETH, USDT, BNB, or a credit/debit card. With the $2.5 million milestone just around the corner, WienerAI could see whales move in soon, meaning that it might not be too long before its total amount raised climbs even higher, potentially hitting $3 million very soon.


For now, this is only speculation, but if things play out similarly, or if users continue to amass WienerAI at the same rate as they did so far, now might be the right time for WAI.

WienerAI Is Among The Most Technologically Advanced Meme Coins

Of course, WienerAI is not raising money rapidly solely because of the hype and popularity. While regular meme coins do need to be popular to perform well, WienerAI also has highly advanced technology to push its presale to new heights.

It starts with the project’s design, which allows WienerAI to easily add new technologies and features as trends in the crypto industry continue to evolve. This will make it relevant for longer, or rather, it has the potential to make it relevant indefinitely. 

On top of that, the project has created a trading bot that uses AI and predictive technology to scour the market for the best opportunities and point them out to traders. With an extremely user-friendly interface, WienerAI’s trading bot is a full-scale trading companion that can help novices earn from trading while learning how to trade in the first place.

Lastly, the project also allows users to stake their tokens, even during presale, which will ensure that they can start earning rewards as soon as they get their hands on some WAI. In other words, there are plenty of reasons to infuse in WienerAI beyond the simple popularity of the meme, which can only contribute to the token’s price surge after it launches.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article, and views in it do not represent those of, nor should they be attributed to, ZyCrypto. Readers should conduct independent research before taking any actions related to the company, product, or project mentioned in this piece; nor can this article be regarded as investment advice. Please be aware that trading cryptocurrencies involve substantial risk as the volatility of the crypto market can lead to significant losses.

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