Zeebu Surpassed $2B in Total Payment Volume as Telecom Sector Adopts Cutting-Edge Solutions

Zeebu Surpassed $2B in Total Payment Volume as Telecom Sector Adopts Cutting-Edge Solutions

Zeebu has achieved a remarkable milestone by surpassing the $2 billion mark in total payment volume. This achievement highlights the telecom industry’s enthusiastic adoption of cutting-edge blockchain solutions. This accomplishment represents a crucial milestone for Zeebu, showcasing its substantial influence in the industry and its position as a frontrunner in embracing state-of-the-art technologies.

Within a short period after Zeebu’s on-chain settlement platform was introduced, the company successfully settled numerous invoices. The platform’s transaction volume has swiftly grown from $1 billion to $2 billion, highlighting its ability to scale and the strong service demand.

Zeebu has emerged as a key player in the telecom sector’s blockchain-based settlements. It provides a rapid payment and settlement solution that drastically shortens transaction times from days to minutes. This is achieved by leveraging smart contract technology to eliminate intermediaries.

Zeebu’s innovation revolves around the ZBU Token, enabling seamless global transactions and boosting participant engagement with a loyalty and rewards system. This tokenization strategy efficiently addresses common financial challenges such as high fees, remittance delays, and currency exchange issues, making it a perfect solution for cross-border settlements.

Zeebu’s capabilities have been increasingly utilized by many telecom carriers and businesses, leading to significant platform usage growth. With its continuous evolution, Zeebu attracts many users who appreciate its advantages, solidifying its reputation as a reliable and prominent payment platform.

According to data from Zeebu’s dashboard, the total transaction volume on the platform has already exceeded $2 Billion. Over 32,000 invoices have been settled, and the total number of users is approximately 465.

The company has achieved remarkable milestones this year, including two significant token burn events and active participation in prominent telecom and Web3 events worldwide. In February 2024, a significant token burn eliminated a staggering 236 million ZBU tokens from circulation, reducing the total supply by 4.7%.

In May 2024, another burn occurred, eliminating an extra 239 million ZBU tokens. This event further demonstrates Zeebu’s dedication to maintaining a sustainable token ecosystem. The Phoenix Protocol governs and automates the burn process and maintains a well-balanced token supply.

Furthermore, Zeebu has proactively increased its visibility by participating in and supporting prominent telecom and Web3 conferences worldwide, including the Middle East, the Americas, and various other regions. Zeebu’s strategic involvement has been crucial in establishing a strong foothold in these markets and boosting its brand visibility.

To increase awareness about Zeebu, the company collaborated with CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko to organize a series of campaigns. Listings on well-known exchanges have greatly improved Zeebu’s market presence and credibility.

In addition, Zeebu has recently launched a significant update to its Payment Service Provider (PSP) platform. This update includes new governance features that empower telecom merchants to go beyond being passive users and become active participants in the ecosystem. This update significantly improves the user experience and encourages a more active and connected community on the Zeebu platform.

Raj Brahmbhatt, Founder and CEO of Zeebu, added, “This milestone is a significant leap forward in our journey, clearly aligning with our broader strategic goals. As the telecom industry increasingly embraces innovative payment solutions such as blockchain, our extensive experience and proven ability to provide exceptional user experiences and customized financial solutions uniquely position us to meet the growing demands of this dynamic sector.”

In the future, Zeebu has exciting plans to improve its services, grow its ecosystem, and shift towards a more decentralized and community-driven governance model. Click here to discover more about Zeebu’s groundbreaking platform.

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