Bitget Wallet Launches Bitget Onchain Layer And A $10M BWB Fund For Better Web3 Experience

Bitget Wallet Launches Bitget Onchain Layer And A $10M BWB Fund For Better Web3 Experience

Bitget Wallet, a leading global Web3 wallet, is delighted to announce the launch of the Bitget Onchain Layer, which was created to revolutionize the Web3 user experience.

The Bitget Onchain Layer, created in collaboration with builders, is designed to integrate a host of native DApps within Bitget Wallet. The launch positions Bitget Wallet as the primary on-chain extension and paves the way for the future of the Bitget ecosystem. 

In addition to the trading potentials, the Bitget Onchain Layer provides native accessibility for new asset narratives and opportunities across Web3. To achieve this, Bitget Onchain Layer introduces an open and collaborative ecosystem strategy that offers comprehensive coverage over a spectrum of financial services.

Concurrently with the Bitget Onchain Layer launch, Bitget Wallet has also established a $10 million BWB Ecosystem Fund. This fund is dedicated to accelerating the development of the Bitget Onchian Layer while offering support for aligned projects and initiatives. The Bitget team will initially use the fund to invest in and incubate various Web3 trading services. Notably, three trading services are already in the pipeline: on-chain derivatives market, Pre-Market, and Trading Bot. 

At the core of the Bitget Onchain Layer are the native modular feature-DApps (MFDs), which serve as power tools. These specialized applications are created to streamline user interaction, fortify security measures, and enhance liquidity aggregation. 

Notably, at a large-scale level, the Bitget Onchain Layer serves as an intermediate layer that abstracts away challenges experienced by users when interacting with the Web3 ecosystem. To meet users’ needs, Bitget works with the industry’s best developers to create effective and purposeful MFDs.

Bitget Wallet and Bitget Onchain Layer are anchored by the BWB token that services various utilities within the Bitget Wallet ecosystem. The BWB tokens allow holders to participate in governance processes, participate in Launchpad events, pay for multichain gas fees, staking rewards, and much more. Just recently, Bitget Wallet introduced $MOEW, a meme token created for its community to foster community engagement.

The BITGET Onchain Layer launch attests to Bitget Wallet’s commitment to improving its users’ experience while growing its ecosystem. Since its launch in 2018, the platform has become a comprehensive platform featuring numerous functions, including Swap, a multichain wallet, Intelligent market data, a launchpad, an earning center, and inscription tools. Notably, Bitget Wallet seeks to introduce more innovation to help solve the current unresolved challenges within the Web3 space. 

This growth has attracted a tremendous following, recording over 20 million users globally. The platform recently recorded its highest Swap data, with its trading and order volumes surpassing MetaMask—Bitget Wallet’s. Bitget Swap, a native swap aggregator, was among the first solutions created to address challenges within the Web3 space. Bitget Swap caters to user demands for seamless on-chain trading and earning experiences. 

Bitget Wallet plans to introduce more innovations, continuing to refine its platform while enhancing user experience and interactions within the Web3 market.

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