BEFE Coin’s April Surge: Riding the Wave as the Trending Crypto Leader

BEFE Coin's April Surge: Riding the Wave as the Trending Crypto Leader

April is going to be BEFE’s month of rising. Why? Various factors might positively affect its performance and take the coin to new heights. What are these mysterious factors? Let’s see.

BEFE’s Launch and Listings

Though the ongoing BEFE presale event is boosting the coin’s performance in the meme crypto market, two particular announcements captured all attention. The first announcement was on March 26, 2024, when the team announced BEFE’s upcoming launch on the SOL chain. Specifically, they planned to launch 20 presale phases by April 10, 2024. If all phases turn out to be successful, they will launch the coin on the SOL chain. Even if all presale phases do not succeed, the coin will still be launched on the SOL chain, but with the funds from LP.

The second announcement was on March 29, 2024, when the BEFE team declared that they plan to list the coin on three exchange platforms. The announcement of the exchange listing platforms will be on April 5, 2024. Though the coin is already listed on the MEXC exchange platform, introducing three new platforms will provide users various options.

BEFE’s Current Performance

All the announcements mentioned above are going to affect BEFE’s upcoming performance. Currently, i.e., on April 2, 2024, BEFE is standing at $0.0004758, with a dip of 3.58% in the past 24 hours. Looking into its weekly and monthly stats, there’s a weekly downfall of 20.85% and a monthly hike of 4.05%. Though the data are not looking too promising as of now, the upcoming future does hold the chance to turn the tables.

In fact, as per Coincodex’s data, users are experiencing a FOMO effect regarding BEFE. Currently, the Fear and Greed index is at 79, indicating that the coin is in the “extreme greed” category. The visible proof would be users staking their SOL coins for the BEFE project, as announced by the team on March 30, 2024.

Final Words

BEFE is one meme coin with enough potential to stand firm even if the market is in bearish condition. Due to this, users are stating that BEFE is going to rule the month of April and reach new heights soon. However, it is still better to observe the coin’s performance in the market and then make any decisions.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article, and views in it do not represent those of, nor should they be attributed to, ZyCrypto. Readers should conduct independent research before taking any actions related to the company, product, or crypto projects mentioned in this piece; nor can this article be regarded as investment advice.

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