Bitgert Coin: Could History Repeat Itself in the Crypto World?

Bitgert Coin's Price Outlook Turns Bullish

Recently soaring by 70% in a month, Bitgert has grabbed everyone’s attention. This has made it one of the best bet altcoins in the market besides even being compared with legacy coins.

So, Could Bitgert be another Ethereum or Solana? Let’s look into some reasons why the former has been able to rise so dramatically in the Crypto market.

What is Bitgert Coin? 

Bitgert blockchain became operational in July 2021. A cryptocurrency project based on decentralized apps and audits was established here. It stands out due to operating a costless gas fee blockchain. Furthermore, its speed is excellent and it manages up to 100k transactions per second.

As a deflationary measure, the Bitgert ecosystem incorporates an exclusive buyback mechanism (5 per cent of transaction fees). In addition, there is a 3% allocation towards marketing campaigns and a 4% stake rewards. Unlike those in which validator identity is linked with reputation, e.g., Proof of Stake systems, it could have an advantage for security through using Proof-of-Authority.

Bitgert currently has a price tag of $0.0000002399, which emerged from close to 70% upward movement just during this past month alone; some experts even think that it might grow by about 700 per cent within days from now.

Is the Bitgert comparison valid?

We will compare Bitgert to other cryptocurrencies so that you can properly understand what it lacks or owns by analyzing its competitors’ properties simply from our own point of view.

Scalability interest within markets has already become evident in several quarters, including Solana’s case example, where they targeted Ethereum but ended up creating their platform around its capabilities.

In addition, Bitgert comes out as an alternative to Solana, attracting users when the cost of SOL varies. Remember, ecosystem growth depends on adoption. While Solana has a base that has grown gradually over time, Bitgert is more nascent, and its potential continues to evolve. Your decision should factor in your risk tolerance and analysis of each project’s potential.

Bitgert’s growth percentage recently outperformed others, such as Solana.

According to the users, the positive side to highlight here is that the market does better when the competition is based on the performance and functionality of the coins. A blockchain ecosystem that sees new innovative solutions come up from tokens like these would be great for all stakeholders as the technology matures. 


Therefore, Bitgert can now be considered one of the most reliable altcoins available in today’s market. Nevertheless, as far as future growth opportunities are concerned, Bitgert coin is not behind any other bit.

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