BEFE Coin’s Price Spikes by +20% – Holders Buzzing about the 1000x Buzz!

Infusing in the Future: Analysing BEFE Coin

The past seven days have been quite fruitful for BEFE, with a growth of over 20%. But will it grow more or fall back to square one?

BEFE’s Past Week Growth

The onset of March 23, 2024, appeared like a golden sun for BEFE, shining with the promise of a brighter week. Thanks to the coin’s presale events, its price rose exponentially and reached $0.0006742 on March 25, 2024.

The coin completed the first 3 phases within 24 hours, after which phase 4 went a bit slow. To keep the momentum going, the BEFE team announced airdrop events and giveaways. These events helped the coin complete Phase 4 and proceed towards Phase 5.

Though phase 5 is the ongoing phase, BEFE saw massive growth during this period. As of March 30, 2024, its weekly hike has been 30.06%, which is 10% more than what holders had expected. Moreover, BEFE is currently standing at $0.0005227, indicating a growth of 9.66% in the past 24 hours.

BEFE: The Next Meme King

While the OG coins are performing moderately, BEFE is showing high potential of flipping them over and taking the “Meme King” crown soon. The major reason users are involved too much in the coin is that BEFE will be launched on the SOL chain on April 10, 2024. This shift from the BSC chain to the SOL chain will change BEFE’s value exponentially, benefiting all those who infused during its presale events.

BEFE has received massive support from traders, including whales and crypto lovers. This sudden support has helped the meme coin close its previous presale phases and increase its value in the market.

Final Words

Within four months of its launch, BEFE has shown incredible growth in its value and potential. The early traders who believed in the coin are crowing in their decision and hoping for the coin to provide maximum returns after its launch on the SOL chain.

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