AIX Token ($AIGENTX) Set To Debut On MEXC On the 26th of March

AIX Token ($AIGENTX) Set To Debut On MEXC On the 26th of March

The innovative AI cryptocurrency project AIgentX is elated to announce that on March 26, 2024, at 3 PM UTC, its thriving token, $AIX, will go live on MEXC. $AIGENTX is the ticker that $AIX is launching with on MEXC. Leading the way in Web3 technologies, AigentX offers state-of-the-art solutions that maximize user engagement in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency landscape.

“Our launch on MEXC marks a significant milestone for AIgentX, solidifying our position as a leader in building a world class AI services” said Vadim Slobodianiuk, CEO of AIgentX. “With $AIX at the forefront, we are excited to usher in a new era of seamless interaction and unparalleled support within the crypto community. Our partners include TON, TAO, Métis, Magic Store, Hybrid, CresoWallet, ToadSwap, Zignaly, Sentiment Ai, Kreaitor, Otsea, MoonTropica, NodeAi, Volumint, ZKML, Azee, Blendr, WebAi, Build Ai, HashPower and list will only grow!”

As the native token of AIgentX, $AIX facilitates payments for AI assistant services and offers investment opportunities, such as staking. With a daily trading volume of over $1,000,000 on Uniswap, $AIX has a market capitalization of more than $700,000,000 and more than $2.55 million in safely locked liquidity. As of this writing, the staking pool is $11 464 012.

As a member of the AIgentX team and a former member of the Ethereum Advisory Board, Vladislav Martynov is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and pioneer in AI and Web3 efforts. He is astonished by what AIX can accomplish.

“My hands-on experience has afforded me a trove of insights. Potential of AI and Web3 working together is hard to overstate; my work in AIgentrX is to make sure blockchain and AI operate as single body to create great value for all.”

The goal of AigentX products is to make Web3 technology easier to use. With the aid of the most advanced AI available, trading bots, and other innovative applications, users may explore Web3 projects with remarkable ease. Through the application of natural language processing, AigentX successfully surmounts challenges by making blockchain technology approachable and user-friendly for a worldwide customer base. Users of AIgentX can do a lot of tasks, such creating audits, analyzing contracts, and creating graphics, all from within the comforts of the Discord and Telegram communities.

The flagship product, AigentX AI assistant, is a CRM system and comprehensive AI Agents Builder that makes it easy for organizations to build personalized AI chatbots. AI is used in telegram communities, on websites, and on discord. This product alters the rules when it comes to customer service and relationship management. It offers state-of-the-art features including comprehensive analytics, the ability to manually intervene, and unified chat administration.

AIgentX, the Community Management AI Agent, redefines community involvement, ensuring lively and dynamic interactions through customized communication support, automatic answers, and advanced learning processes. Creating and maintaining high-quality communities has never been easier. Utilizing information from websites and whitepapers, the AI interacts with project platforms to provide accurate answers to user queries. AIgentX ensures continuous engagement and assistance by effectively handling all tasks, hence eliminating the need for community managers or moderators.

AIgentX represents the future of sales, customer support, and community management for the cryptocurrency industry. The assistant offers outstanding assistance and interaction features. Data retrieval capabilities of AIgentX are not limited to project sources; it also includes Coingecko, Dextools, DEX activity, and other sources.

Together with TON, Planet, BotCompiler, Toad Swap, CrocBot, YieldMagner, MoonBot, Bittensor, BoxBet, Sentiment AI, Set, and OTsea, AigentX has effectively partnered. The platform’s Affiliate Program, which enables partners to expand their networks and be paid for bringing new clients, is another way it fosters business growth.

In summary, AIgentX leads the way in innovation in crypto community management by offering unparalleled efficacy, affordability, and involvement. The project’s use of cutting-edge AI technology and its planned token launch on Mexc on March 26, 2024, are undoubtedly transforming the landscape of cryptocurrency initiatives.

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