Triathon integrates Web3+AI to open a new era of DeSci

Triathon integrates Web3+AI to open a new era of DeSci

Tokyo, Japan – In mid-February, the governance token GROW of Triathon made its debut on and MEXC exchanges, achieving notable success. Witnessing a maximum surge of 2000% within days, it swiftly ascended as a distinguished token, attracting substantial attention. This commendable feat underscores the promising capabilities of the Triathon Web3 AI model training platform, firmly establishing a new standard for the amalgamation of AI and Web3 technologies.

“Triathon aims to revolutionize the Web3 industry. Actively embracing AI and building a robust Web3 AI model training platform designed to provide essential computing power for the AI field will usher in a new era of large-scale Web3+AI applications,” remarked Masa, CEO of Triathon. “The introduction of our GROW token heralds the onset of Triathon’s global expansion. GROW is set to allure preeminent AI specialists and developers into the Web3 domain, thereby enabling a relentless exploration of novel and innovative AI applications within the industry. GROW serves as the indispensable catalyst for Triathon’s flourishing AI ecosystem.”

Triathon’s innovative ‘An AI for AI’ ecosystem harnesses AI to train and refine AI models. The incorporation of GROW’s governance feature empowers users to shape the development of AI Agents (AIAs) directly, fostering a continuum of dynamic training and establishing a groundbreaking paradigm for intelligent evolution. The GROW voting mechanism ensures AIA controllability, while the Trias ‘-1’ trusted network bolsters reliability. This participatory model positions GROW as the driving force behind AIA progress, positioning AIAs as pivotal entities within the Triathon ecosystem.

The forthcoming phase prioritizes the establishment of a comprehensive AI and DeSci (Decentralized Science) Integration system, underpinned by principles of trust and oversight. To accomplish this, AI+Fuzz technology will be integrated, delineating clear functional boundaries for AI models to ensure responsible development and risk mitigation. Triathon’s proprietary dynamic AI training pathways will systematically steer the evolution of AIAs, nurturing intelligent and autonomous systems grounded in reliability. The ultimate aspiration is the creation of AIAs capable of autonomous decision-making within a framework that prioritizes trustworthiness and user-directed control.

Masa, CEO of Triathon, elucidated that the impending DeSci Integration system, developed by Triathon, encompasses a decentralized data marketplace, GROW token-backed open-source research endeavors, and a DAO governed by user AIA. Leveraging privacy computing technology, it will safeguard data privacy and security, endowing GROW holders with decision-making authority, and perpetually exploring the utility of DeSci tools and platforms to foster data sharing and collaborative development within the AI research community. DeSci Integration stands as the cornerstone of Triathon’s AI services.

A robust business model forms the bedrock of the platform’s sustained advancement. Triathon has established a stable double-triangle business model, offering users continually refined and evolving AI models alongside a stable, dependable supply of AI computational power through innovative business methodologies, a comprehensive economic framework, and a sturdy organizational structure. Presently, Triathon has unveiled an automated security proxy service comprising 6 products, such as source code review and smart contract detection, based on the AI security model honed by AIA. Concurrently, Triathon has instituted security technology laboratories across various countries and regions, including the UK and Japan, perpetually exploring and advancing cutting-edge security technologies.

“Triathon’s mission is to propel scientific breakthroughs and deliver superior technological services. The focus remains on bolstering current offerings while venturing into new frontiers in AI, endowing Web3 practitioners with state-of-the-art AI solutions. The objective is to unlock the transformative potential of AI, propelling the future of Web3 into an epoch of boundless possibilities,” affirmed Masa, CEO of Triathon.

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Triathon, an innovative force in the Web3 domain, is dedicated to pioneering advancements at the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and decentralized technologies. Led by CEO Masa, Triathon strives to revolutionize the landscape of AI model training through its dynamic Web3 AI platform. With a commitment to fostering intelligent evolution and user-directed control, Triathon empowers individuals and organizations to shape the future of AI applications. For more information, visit or contact via email at

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