Pullix (PLX) Sees TRX, MATIC and LINK Holders Keeping Tabs After Adding Over 20K Watchers On CoinGecko In A Day

Pullix (PLX) Sees TRX, MATIC and LINK Holders Keeping Tabs After Adding Over 20K Watchers On CoinGecko In A Day

At this point in the crypto market, where the price of several cryptocurrencies is haywire, throwing or leaving all of your coffers in one crypto would be the least smart move. While many shrewd traders are looking to diversify, Pullix (PLX) is ranking as a top choice in the DeFi market. Meanwhile, as top cryptocurrencies like Polygon MATIC, Tron coin, and Chainlink token face bearish pressure, its holders and other DeFi enthusiasts are keeping tabs on Pullix.

Polygon (MATIC) Struggles to Maintain Over 30% Monthly Gain 

The token tends to move in sync with Bitcoin based on the historical price patterns observed with Polygon (MATIC). As such, if the price of Bitcoin continues to rise, the price of Polygon will also keep to its upward trajectory.

Currently, Polygon is showing resilience, with its weekly price range fluctuating between $0.9812 and $1.15 whilst achieving a monthly gain of more than 35.10%. With a current 9% increase, Polygon’s price has once again climbed over its weekly support price of $1.0567. While Polygon MATIC shows no sign of reaching its resistance this month, the tides may turn as the native MATIC token originally stands as one of the highest gainers in the crypto market.

Chainlink (LINK) Price Losses Momentum With a 2.76% Weekly Loss

In the space of a week now, the price of Chainlink token has seen a 2.76% drop, trading within a weekly price range of $18.12 and $21.46. The recent weekly decline extends its barely positive trend from the previous month, where Chainlink was only able to rise up by a meagre 5.22%.

Chainlink and the native LINK token have suffered a series of bears and fluctuations throughout the past month as it traded below the support threshold of $19.2339.

Pullix (PLX) Garners Over 20K Users on CoinGecko In Just 24 Hours While It Awaits Tomorrow’s BitMart’s Launch

After listing on three major exchange platforms within just three days: Uniswap, XT Exchange, and an upcoming listing on BitMart scheduled for tomorrow, Pullix (PLX) has recorded another milestone on CoinGecko. The hybrid DeFi token gained over 20,000 watchers this time in just 24 hours.

This significant achievement underscores its potential to become an option for many savvy traders looking to diversify or hedge with the DeFi coin. As predicted by analysts and experts, Pullix (PLX) has skyrocketed by over 300% in recent days following its launch on a top-tier exchange platform.

Since its listing on Uniswap on March 4th, the token’s price has surged by 300%, jumping from $0.168 to $0.73. However, one of the most remarkable aspects of Pullix’s listing journey is its rapid expansion onto three major exchange platforms within three days: Uniswap, XT Exchange, and an upcoming listing on BitMart scheduled for tomorrow.

Just a few days ago, Pullix announced on X that it plans to lock its liquidity on the decentralized exchange for two years. This move demonstrates Pullix’s dedication to fostering trust and ensuring a superior trading experience for its users. Experts also think this is the beginning of the token’s greatness amongst other DeFi projects.

Tron Coin (TRX) Makes Steady Progress to Recover From Its Weekly Loss

The price chart of Tron does not reflect a positive performance in the past week as the token is losing by over 4.45%; however, now amassing over 12.99% gain in the past month, Tron is relentlessly trying to trade above its weekly support of $0.1439. 

Meanwhile, experts think that Tron may be able to mirror a major price move this year due to its year-long 103% gain and the positive momentum it’s been keeping these past few days.

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