Web3 Social Infrastructure UXLINK 30-Day User Account Asset Balance Exceeds $105M

Web3 Social Infrastructure UXLINK 30-Day User Account Asset Balance Exceeds $105M

The balance of EOA accounts linked to UX Account has surpassed $105 million as of March 2, 2024, the date UXLINK enabled UX Account to access EOA accounts. Each EOA account address has an average balance of over $350, and its customers are dispersed throughout numerous nations in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, North America, and other regions. The success of going from zero to one hundred million dollars in just five weeks highlights the allure of UXLINK as a cutting-edge social infrastructure.

Unlike previous social initiatives like Lens, Cyberconnect, etc., which begin from a one-way interaction, UXLINK, a Web3 social infrastructure, creatively begins with “Real World Social,” and the relationship between users is a two-way relationship. “Real World Social” fosters more growth, fission efficiency, and a feeling of trust. A set of data allows us to see: More than 3.4 million users have been certified, 75,000 groups have been covered, nearly 6 million users have been covered, more than 300,000 linked wallets have been created, the total assets of the account have exceeded 100 million dollars, and in the last 30 days, there has been a net increase of nearly 1 million users. These numbers demonstrate that the “Real World Social” mode will be the most significant model of Web3 social networking. The project was launched ten months ago.

As per the UXLINK community, they intend to progressively expand the UXLINK RWS protocol to enable access to additional Web3 applications and transform into a super Dapp. In the meantime, they will offer developers and ecological partners, including games and AI applications, the best user-oriented infrastructure services for widespread adoption.

In conclusion, UXLINK’s quick rise to linked account balances of over $105 million in just five weeks demonstrates the effectiveness of its “Real World Social” concept in building confidence and spurring growth. The platform is positioned to become a dominant force in the decentralized ecosystem, providing customized infrastructure services for broad adoption as it broadens its scope and interfaces with more Web3 apps. The success of UXLINK marks a turning point in Web3 social networking toward real, two-way connections as the foundation.

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