Astar Network Introduces ‘Yoki Origins’, Featuring Leading Japanese Enterprises and Web3 Blue-Chips

Astar Network Introduces 'Yoki Origins', Featuring Leading Japanese Enterprises and Web3 Blue-Chips

Astar Network announced today the start of “Yoki Origins”, a Web3 adventure for every person to enjoy a fun experience based on Japan’s rich culture.

Based on Japan’s rich culture and folklore, Yoki Origins is a two-month campaign around Astar zkEVM to make Web3 more engaging for users. Astar zkEVM is a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum powered by Polygon. The launch offers participants the opportunity to experience the unparalleled accessibility of the Astar Network. Yoki Origins features leading Japanese enterprises and Web3 blue chips. Notably, each element is represented by a unique set of digital collectibles (NFTs).

During this game-like event, participants will distribute and sell unique digital collectibles from their customized “Yo-Port” machines. Participants will also sell and distribute toy capsules on the Yoki Origins website.

Notable, Astar Network has collaborated with leading Japanese enterprises and creators for the Astar zkEVM event. Among the notable Japanese companies participating in the event include CANDY GIRL (Twin Planet), CASIO, Japan Airlines (JAL), Quickswap, Dew, DappRadar, Rarible, XO, and Kyushu Railway Company (JR Kyushu).

In addition, Astar Network will also provide “Yokis”, which participants can collect and evolve. A Yoki is a suit of original characters inspired by Japanese folklore and supernatural creatures known as “Yokai.” Professional Japanese illustrators create each Yoki. Participants can collect the Yokis and the in-game item “OMA” to accumulate Lore points. OMA stands for Omamori (Japanese amulet) and Omake (extra in Japanese). Participants with the highest Lore will be ranked on the Yoki Leaderboard.  

The Yokis can evolve to fulfill a variety of use cases, such as granting holders premium access on XO. Adding to the fun, the Astar zkEVM event will allow participants to explore the use cases and benefits of multiple projects within the Astar ecosystem. 

Astar Network is serving the global adoption of Web3 in Japan and beyond. It plays a fundamental role in creating opportunities for individuals to use Web3 technology. The project connects users to Web3 through entertainment, business development, blockchain development, and community events. Aster Network leverages a cross-virtual machine powered by Polkadot and Polygon. The machines allow Astar Network to customize blockchain solutions to actualize its mission. 

In line with creating a strong community, Astar Network welcomes interested projects to collaborate in building onAstar zkEVM or join the Yoki Origins.

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