Project Matthew Becomes The First Project To List On BinaryX’s IGO In 2024

Project Matthew Becomes The First Project To List On BinaryX’s IGO In 2024

BinaryX, a leading Web3 gaming platform, is thrilled to announce the launch of Project Matthew, a space-building simulation that allows players to experience what it is like to work in space. As the first Initial Game Offering (IGO) of the year, Project Matthew offers gamers the chance to work as builders and engineers, coming together to make space habitable for a new civilization.

As the first Initial Game Offering (IGO) of the year, Project Matthew offers gamers with an opportunity to work as builders and engineers in this new world. In this simulation, players get to explore the planet Matthew, a nearby planet with the potential to house living beings. As pioneers of this new world, players must design and manage different elements, including industrial plants, mines, cities, roads, robots, and more.

Commenting on the IGO, Julio, Head of Investments at BinaryX, said: 

“Project Matthew is our first IGO project for the first half of 2024. We wanted our players to have the opportunity to experience living and working in space, and this game is the first-ever simulation game in the Web3 space to offer a semi-realistic experience for that. We’re excited and geared up to support more quality games like Project Matthew on our IGO platform in 2024.”

Players get to own fractionalized ERC 404 NFTs that can be converted to ownership of weapons, lands, and other materials. ERC-404 tokens are designed to provide users with ample liquidity. These tokens also open up different possibilities for future ownership, including shared ownership of buildings, land, and resources. The team behind the project chose ERC-404 tokens to open the game to a wider audience without compromising the exclusivity of in-game NFT ownership. The tokens will also serve as a promotional tool, encouraging collaborations within the BinaryX community and the overall crypto market.

One of the primary ways to earn rewards in the game is through exploration. Players can explore neighboring and faraway planets featured in the gameplay. They can also build a virtual army of robots with different abilities and skills. This army can be used to challenge enemies in the gameplay to earn rewards. The battlefield is divided into different levels of difficulty, and players earn more rewards with each new level unlocked.

Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, Project Matthew is set to provide an immersive and engaging gaming experience. BinaryX has leveraged the latest technologies in blockchain and AI to ensure its vast community gets the opportunity to own in-game assets while enjoying their favorite games.

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