Zent Unveils All-in-One Platform for High-Speed Institutional-Grade Trading Across Popular Exchanges

Zent Unveils All-in-One Platform for High-Speed Institutional-Grade Trading Across Popular Exchanges

Zent, an innovative software provider specializing in financial solutions for institutional users, has announced the launch of a cutting-edge all-in-one platform designed for high-speed crypto trading across major exchanges.

Featuring the “ultimate tool tailored to institutional teams and trading volumes,” Zent’s platform aims to revolutionize the landscape by addressing key challenges faced by institutional traders.

The timing of Zent’s launch coincides with a significant shift in the crypto landscape, as evidenced by a Goldman Sachs report indicating the institutionalization of crypto markets in 2023. With regulatory approvals paving the way for the inclusion of cryptocurrencies in institutional portfolios, there has been a noticeable uptick in institutional allocations towards digital assets, as highlighted by a recent survey conducted by Coinbase.

Zent’s platform addresses key challenges encountered in institutional trading, including hindered execution, slippage, fragmented liquidity, and the impact of open positions in public order books. By offering tailored solutions for token issuers, funds, and traders, Zent aims to revolutionize the way institutional investors navigate the crypto market.

Founded in 2023, Zent brings together a team of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in crypto, blockchain, IT, and traditional finance. Led by CEO Ilia Stadnik and Product Owner Michael Sapenyuk, both accomplished executives in their respective fields, Zent is committed to driving innovation and facilitating institutional adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Zent and Its Innovative Features

Central to Zent’s platform is its groundbreaking feature, Order Rules, which facilitates smooth and delay-free execution by splitting large volumes into customizable chunks and executing them at intervals while ensuring price match. This innovative approach effectively conceals institutional-grade trades in public order books, thereby minimizing market impact and enhancing trading efficiency.

Furthermore, the platform empowers traders and workspace owners with user-friendly tools and unparalleled control over their trading activities. With reassignable rights, limits, and real-time performance assessment capabilities, Zent offers a level of agility and transparency unmatched by existing solutions in the market.

To commemorate its official launch, Zent offers a free annual subscription for the first three clients onboard, subject to due diligence procedures. Additionally, users can enjoy free 30-day full access to all features. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the Zent team via their official website.

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