Revolutionary NFT Series and $MOBCOIN Token Introduced by Crypto Gambinos

Revolutionary NFT Series and $MOBCOIN Token Introduced by Crypto Gambinos

Sydney, Australia – February 23, 2024 – In an exciting development for the world of digital art and decentralized finance, Crypto Gambinos has announced the launch of its unique NFT collection and the introduction of the $MOBCOIN token. This groundbreaking initiative marks a new chapter in the fusion of creative expression and blockchain technology.

The Crypto Gambinos NFT collection, available for minting at, showcases a hyper-realistic art style that pays homage to the legacy and intrigue of the underworld, reinterpreted for the digital age. Each NFT in the collection is a masterful representation of a character within the Crypto Gambinos universe, offering aesthetic appeal and a gateway to a world of exclusivity and utility.

The collection’s rarity is meticulously structured, featuring:

  • Super Rare: 77 Dons, 77 Consiglieres, and 77 Underbosses.
  • Rare: 1,000 Capos and 777 Enforcers.
  • Common: 2,777 Soldiers and 2,992 Associates.

This hierarchy not only adds to the allure of the collection but also defines the level of access and benefits each NFT holder receives within the Crypto Gambinos ecosystem. The total supply of the NFTs is limited to 7,777, with each minted at a public sale price of 0.02 ETH. The collection boasts 200 custom traits, offering a high degree of uniqueness and personalization for each NFT.

Simultaneously, the Crypto Gambinos project is introducing $MOBCOIN, a versatile new cryptocurrency that interlinks governance, gaming, and rewards within the ecosystem. The pre-sale of $MOBCOIN is currently ongoing at, providing an early opportunity for enthusiasts to invest in this innovative token.

$MOBCOIN’s distinctive tokenomics and the project’s commitment to security, as evidenced by a comprehensive audit, assure transparency and reliability. The token’s multifaceted role encompasses governance participation, in-game currency utility, and a unique profit-sharing model for holders, aligning with a 5% utility fee structure that benefits both a liquidity pool and the family treasury.

The Crypto Gambinos project is driven by an experienced team, including leaders Sxnt Pxblo and Sxnt Xs, who combine creative flair with strategic insight. Operating from Sydney under Phantom Labs Pty Ltd, the team is at the forefront of integrating art, technology, and community-driven finance.

The road ahead for Crypto Gambinos includes exciting roadmap activations, set to unveil further benefits and utilities for the community. This approach ensures that every member, NFT holder, and $MOBCOIN investor is integral to a narrative of collective success and growth.

The launch of the Crypto Gambinos NFT collection and $MOBCOIN represents a significant stride in the digital finance and art world, offering a unique blend of storytelling, rarity, and utility. It’s an invitation to be part of a digital renaissance where community, innovation, and legacy converge.

Join the revolution by minting your NFT at and participating in the $MOBCOIN pre-sale today. Be part of a journey that redefines the landscape of digital collectibles and decentralized finance.

About Crypto Gambinos

Crypto Gambinos is a pioneering project in the web3 domain, blending cutting-edge NFTs with groundbreaking cryptocurrency solutions. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, under Phantom Labs Pty Ltd, the project is leading the charge in art, technology, and community-driven financial innovation. With its focus on storytelling, rarity, and utility, Crypto Gambinos offers an unparalleled opportunity to engage in a digital ecosystem characterized by security, transparency, and mutual reward.

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