SHIBArmy Drops SHIB For Mollars — 80K Token Presales in 24 Hours

SHIBArmy Drops SHIB For Mollars — 80K Token Presales in 24 Hours

SHIBArmy cadets appear to be raising the white flag and giving up on the once prosperous Shiba Inu coin. After a year of losses, a reported trend of $SHIB token holders migrating in major numbers to the Mollars token presale is becoming even more visible.  Today, the presales activity spiked to recent highs, with over $40,000 raised in the last 24 hours.

Just yesterday, Mollars initial coin offering was ‘surging towards’ $800,000 (USD) but hovering closer to $780,000. Today, the crypto presales total over $820,000. This is over US$40,000 growth in sales, in major part caused by Shiba Inu coin holders swapping in their holdings and buying $MOLLARS.

Token Presale’s Spike in Activity

The extremely impressive figure of $40,000 was verified in the presale wallet addresses of the ICO. This means almost US$1,700 worth of $MOLLARS tokens were bought per hour. This would be a total of nearly 3400 tokens being sold per hour or 80,000 coins per day.

The biggest purchase recorded the day was for 1ETH or $3,021. Aside from that massive single purchase, there were at least 10 presale token buys that amounted to over $500. 

Nonetheless, none of these sizable acquisitions are nearly as big as spending traced to the top Mollars holder. One single ‘crypto whale’ has bought  $17.3K worth of the store-of-value token to date, a total which may have sparked this massive SHIB Army migration.

Why SHIBArmy’s Selling Their Shiba Inu For Mollars

SHIBArmy loyalists are trading in their $SHIB and buying Mollars due to the Bitcoin-alternative’s projected profit yields and future utility.  The $MOLLARS token is said to offer the deflationary features of $BTC coin but with buy-sell transaction fees that are 80% less than Bitcoin-blockchain’s trading fee average.  This massive saving should cause an industry disruption and spike the price of Mollars token; Yields of up to +4400% by some reports.

Aside from the ‘Mollars saves dollars’ factor, the token also has immediate yield options. The erc-20 token will list on crypto exchanges in May 2024 for $0.62 [cents]. Today, the token is priced at $0.50 [cents] in its presale. The $0.12 [cents] difference is a +24% yield that’s all but promised come listing day.

The top holder, who holds rights to nearly $17.2k worth of Mollars token, will see over a $4,000 ROI yield in less than 2 months.

In comparison, ShibArmy members that have held $SHIB for the last year, lost nearly -50% of all their holings. Swapping to Mollars today is forecasted to return half of that and turn the entire ‘negative’ portfolio into a positive before the 2024 end.

Similar Shiba Inu Migration in 2023 Was a Big Success For Those That Moved With the Pack

A trend was spotted like this just last year in September, where Shiba Inu members lept to the Golden Inu ($GOLDEN) token. The multi-dAPP ecosystem’s native coin has since yielded nearly +350%, turning each $100 migrated over to the Golden token into nearly $450.

The migration being seen now is similar in all facets, but with more crypto whales diving into the Mollars token presale in 1 month than Golden Inu ever had.

Currently, the Mollars token presale has sold over 1.58-million tokens before its listing on cryptocurrency exchanges. The ICO event is in its 4th of 6 selling rounds. Token prices could increase $0.05 [cents] with each round it progresses into.

Now Is Better Than Later With Token Presales

Infusing in the earliest round possible is sound for users as the 5-cent increase with each round means big dividends are being lost from potential. For example, 5th-round holders will only see +12.7% ROI yields on CEX listing day. Sixth-round users will see even less, a +3.33% ROI yield on listing day. These are both far less than the +24% gains to be had by today’s fourth-round holders.

ShibArmy cadets still HODLing with faith, saw a glimmering light today. The $SHIB coin rose nearly +1% in the last 24 hours.

However, those gains are nothing for holders of the Dogecoin killer, who’ve suffered tremendously watching the charts for the last 6 months to 1 year. Losses as big as -40% have been recorded by Shiba Inu heavy crypto wallets in that period.

Will Shiba Inu (SHIB) Coin Reach $1 in 2024?

This migration also comes after news headlines gave a negative forecast on the $SHIB token, saying it’s absolutely impossible the token would ever reach $1 [dollar] in value in 2024.

The Mollars token presale will end in May 2024, or when 4 million tokens have been sold. The first crypto exchange [CEX] listing will take place the same week as the ICO’s end.   

The store-of-value token will also be the ‘native coin’ for the deflationary digital asset project’s coming decentralized crypto exchange.  The DEX will be launched on their secondary domain, Mollars.CC.

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