Security-focused ZK-Rollup Zircuit Debuts Staking Program

Security-focused ZK-Rollup Zircuit Debuts Staking Program

Within a day, the staking program amassed approximately $129 million TVL.

Staking ETH, liquid staking tokens (LSTs), and liquid restaking tokens (LRTs) is a novel scheme that enables users to earn Zircuit Points. Zircuit is a security-focused zero-knowledge rollup supported by groundbreaking L2 research. Zircuit Staking has amassed over $129 million on the Ethereum mainnet since its launch and is still growing.

Zircuit’s community has grown to over 112K Twitter followers and 125K Discord users in just four short months. The rapid expansion of this community has also contributed to Zircuit’s staking program’s early success. In contrast, according to DefiLlama, Starkware was founded in 2018 and currently only has 229K Twitter followers and $134M in TVL. Zircuit is expected to exceed these figures in terms of TVL and community involvement.

Zircuit is taking advantage of the increasing interest in restaking techniques due to EigenLayer’s quick rise. The program has already amassed over $129 million TVL in less than 24 hours of introduction, indicating strong interest and faith in the endeavour.

Users can add Zircuit points to existing points or any staking yield through the staking program. The majority of rewards go to users that choose to move their assets to the Zircuit Mainnet upon its launch. Unlike Blast or Mantle, where ETH is hard-locked, users can withdraw at any moment and keep their earned points and yield. Liquid Collective, Kelp DAO, Swell Network, Lido Finance, and Renzo Protocol are the current integrations supported; other integrations will be added in the week ahead.

The Zircuit Staking program can be joined by going to

Visit for more details on Zircuit.

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