Kadena SpireKey Integrates with WebAuthn to Enable Smooth Web3 Interactions

Kadena SpireKey Integrates with WebAuthn to Enable Smooth Web3 Interactions

Introducing Kadena SpireKey: a safe and easy way to communicate with any application without dealing with cumbersome signing procedures.

“Unlike complex Web3 wallets today where you have to remember every wallet you’ve ever created, Kadena’s SpireKey uses WebAuthn, a technology that has been developed by Google and Apple over the last 20 years, to help anyone securely digital assets directly on your phone or computer. It’s as easy as receiving a prompt on your mobile device and providing a fingerprint as a signature. Even that uncle who asks you about crypto every family holiday dinner can do it. With Kadena, we’ve made using applications accessible to everyone, no matter if you’re an experienced “degen” or using blockchain for the first time,” said Kadena CMO, Mike Herron.

SpireKey enables smooth communication between people and technology by fusing Web3 innovation with a Web2 user experience. Users can sign up for Web3 applications and transactions with SpireKey in the same way that they can with Apple Pay or Google Pay. Nevertheless, it may be completed directly on the user’s device, removing any potential vulnerabilities present in traditional wallets without requiring the user to open several windows or copy and paste keypairs.

“Kadena’s built-in multi-sig signing enables an additional layer of security for SpireKey that only we can provide through our original language, Pact. With multi-sig, SpireKey allows for multiple signatures to be required for certain transaction types. For example, if you want to send over $10,000, you can set up parameters to require signatures from three different devices – your phone, laptop, and cold storage wallet. The multi-sig feature reduces the risk of compromised accounts because a bad actor would need access to three devices. It mitigates the risk of another attack vector, and adds to the overall security,” said Stuart Popejoy, Kadena Co-Founder and CEO.

SpireKey illustrates Kadena’s perspective on what degree of usefulness Web3 technology ought to have. Fundamentally, SpireKey facilitates human interaction with the blockchain and with other people. According to SpireKey, working examples will encourage everyone to realize how Spirekey can impact the world beyond Web3.


2017 Stuart Popejoy and Will Martino founded the blockchain technology protocol Kadena. Kadena is the only scalable Layer-1 Proof of Work (PoW) blockchain in the market. Kadena can provide infrastructure-grade performance for any blockchain project because of its scalability.

In addition to Pact, Kadena’s proprietary smart contract language and platform offer everyone the resources and setting needed to realize aspirations and ideas. Kadena was founded by Stuart Popejoy and William Martino, who oversaw the SEC’s Crypto Committee and developed JPMorgan’s first blockchain. Their goal is to enable the widespread adoption of blockchain.

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