Ethereum Blockchain’s New Store-of-Value Cryptocurrency Passes $700000 In Token Presale — Could Pass $1M Next Week

Ethereum Blockchain’s New Store-of-Value Cryptocurrency Passes $700000 In Token Presale — Could Pass $1M Next Week

Ethereum Blockchain’s new store-of-value token, Mollars, has passed the $700,000 Milestone in its token presale. The massive milestone was reached today, February 15th, before noon (EST). As the Bitcoin alternative token continues to surge in demand, it’s likely $1-million-dollars will be surpassed in the coming week if trends continue.

Since last year, crypto shrimps have been feasting on the new cryptocurrency in this initial coin offering. The only big holder, an Ethereum Whale, was the only major trader spotted in the presale wallet’s address in the ICO’s December 2023 opening. However, the trend has changed tremendously since 2024’s start. Whales, sharks, and fish have joined the Mollars token presale almost daily.

Crypto Whales & Sharks Buying Daily Has Had a Big Effect

The shift in types of daily token buyers, big pockets vs small to average pockets, is a major influencer for the future of Mollars. Ethereum Whales injecting 1 to 3 $ETH coins into the initial coin offering nearly daily is the main catalyst to today’s +$40,000 per day growth for Bitcoin’s hot new rival.

There’s under US$300,000 left before the Mollars ICO reaches the $1-million-dollar milestone. With the current daily averages on presale sum increases, US$400,000 should be raised between today and the following Sunday, February 24th. This means the top-rated ICO [per CNZ ratings] could reach $1,100,000 by the end of next week.

Just last week, the initial coin offering was in the $500,000 range and moving towards $600k. It’s averaging over $100k growth per week, with numbers intrinsically increasing from favours of token sales and Ethereum coin’s price surging.

Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA’ing) Into ICO

Most presale growth comes from Whales, like one wallet that is dollar cost averaging into the ICO event. This one holder has bought over US$15,000 worth of tokens in the last 7 days. However, they are not spotted on the ‘top 5 single buyers’ transaction lists because the holder is purchasing tokens every few days in amounts from under 1ETH (<$2821) up to 2.5ETH (<$7053). 

That single whale could end up being the biggest $MOLLARS holder on record if they continue buying at this pace. However, another crypto whale’s first-round purchase for over $16,000 still holds the number one [recognized] position thus far: A purchase done in a single transaction.

Why Holders Buy Into Mollars Token ICO

The reason for these smart holders buying into this particular token presale is likely a combination of two things — Profit & a solution for global fiat currency inflation problems.

First, Mollars has a major profit-yielding potential. With a finite 10 million total token supply to be minted, that production sum is half that of Bitcoin; And current demand indicates the full supply will sell out.

Token Presale ROI Prediction

After selling out, any continued demand could see the $MOLLARS token price skyrocket and produce yields that Gold (AU), the Nasdaq stock market, Oil, and other commodity traders dream of.  One report suggests $5000 could return $1.11-million-dollars.

Bitcoin, which is on a slower and more expensive blockchain than this new rival, has returned its early holders +40,000,000% profit yields. With ‘$Mollars saving dollars’ and offering a similar store of value structure on a faster blockchain, thousands of crypto traders may likely begin using the token to fight inflation of their local fiat currency. As long as branding and marketing are in place, as suggested in the Mollars whitepaper, a steady increase in demand could increase the value of whole tokens.

How Mollars Saves Dollars for Crypto Traders

Mollars will save traders dollars by operating on a faster and less costly cryptocurrency blockchain than its rival, Bitcoin. Founded on Ethereum-blockchain, $MOLLARS is expected to operate on a crypto network that had an average for 2023 of around $8 per buy-sell transaction. This is 80% less than the Bitcoin-blockchains average of $39 per buy-and-sell transaction. This means the Mollars token should save traders looking for a store-of-value token 80% on trade fees, something unavoidable.

With that ability to save traders money, as ‘bigger wallets’ have discovered the news, it appears to be driving up interest from the industry’s most educated — crypto whales, sharks, and fish.

For Cryptocurrency traders on the Ethereum blockchain, who will no longer have to trade cross-chain to get an SOV token like Bitcoin, Mollars should become a more naturalized selection.

While this new ERC-20 token will not likely replace Bitcoin, though that too is possible, it’s more likely to form a successful lane. If consistency of growth is found successfully, it will still be a top ROI yielder in 2024.

The Mollars token presale total sum is expected to continue surging. Loyalists from pools of Shiba Inu (SHIB), Tether (USDT), Polygon (MATIC), Bitcoin (BTC), and even Dogecoin (DOGE) Whales are moving funds into the new ICO. Traders expect a major ROI yield and tide-turning performance against fiat currencies’ inflation from Mollars’ crypto exchange (CEX) debut.

From selling 110,000 tokens in 24 hours on January 26th to being at nearly 1.5 million tokens sold today, this presale sellout is imminent. Traders may be calling this the best crypto of 2024 two months from now.

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