Mollars Token Gets ‘.com’ Domain Back As Sales Surge Past 1.3-Million

Mollars Token Gets ‘.com’ Domain Back As Sales Surge Past 1.3-Million

The Mollars token presale has moved back to their original ‘.com’ domain name. It appears after news broke that Peter Sunde owned ‘’ was attempting to hi-jack the domain, the Pirate-bay cofounder found it better to return the TLD to its rightful owner.     Relaunching earlier today, the initial coin offering sales surged past 1.3-million $MOLLARS sold as a result.

The domain was down for nearly 3 days. The reason for it not functioning as an illegal finessing of the domain by a faux-domain registry company, Njalla. The DNS of the cryptocurrency brand’s domain was purposely altered by the company in what looked to be an attempt to take control, without legitimate reason. Was Almost A Victim

The practice appears to be something the fake domain registrant company has done to various entrepreneurs online. There are numerous complaints on TrustPilot, Reddit, and several SEO forums from legitimate businessmen who claim the company stole their domain name.

However, taking could have landed Njalla and Peter Sunde in hot water as it could affect the flow of millions of dollars made by investors from across the world. Perhaps this is the reason the ‘pirate-ish’ company decided to return the domain to the Mollars token creator – to avoid Federal charges.

However, it’s also possible that Sunday’s scathing report on, which uncovered the owner of the faux-domain registry company, motivated all parties involved to clean up the situation. The red-alert report also pointed out that the ‘about us’  page for Njalla essentially says the company owns the domains people purchase through them instead of the purchaser themself.

That’s not the business model anyone expects when registering a domain.

Token Presale Surges Past 1.3-Million Upon Domain’s Return

Regardless of the reason, is live again, and crypto investors are back to the popular ICO. In the last few hours alone, five figures of $MOLLARS tokens have been sold. The total presale supply is only just over 3.6M tokens remaining, with 1.3 million tokens now being owned by various investors.

The order of ‘top 5 Mollars holders’ keeps shifting as well. Just before the domain DNS change occurred, it was noted a crypto shark swooped into action, investing $8,000 (USD) into the Bitcoin alternative.

When Will Mollars ICO end?

The top token presale of 2024 by many accounts, Mollars ICO was initially scheduled to end on a hard deadline of May 2024. However,  with 1/3rd of the total presale supply already sold, it’s more likely to sell out before it reaches the scheduled end.

Only 4 million $MOLLARS tokens will be sold in presales. A scarce, store-of-value token,  it will have only 10-million tokens ever minted;  Half the supply of its rival, Bitcoin.

Beyond scarcity, the new SOV token also has higher appeal than the $BTC because it will launch on the Ethereum blockchain. The network makes the Mollars token better for scaling solutions and is expected to cut buy-sell transaction costs by 80% [in comparison to Bitcoin.

See the latest from the Mollars token presale via their official website [ visit here ].

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