CoinStats Debuts AI-powered Exit Strategy Product to Maximize User Profits

CoinStats Debuts AI-powered Exit Strategy Product to Maximize User Profits

The introduction of the new Exit Strategy feature by CoinStats, an all-in-one digital asset management platform, is a significant milestone for cryptocurrency adherents.

With the CoinStats app, crypto holders may use the Exit Strategy to plan the best time to sell their cryptocurrency holdings.

Investors must profit on their open holdings as the Bitcoin ETF craze drives the cryptocurrency bull market to all-time highs. With the ability to specify precise selling prices for their cryptocurrency portfolio, the Exit Strategy tool aims to optimize investor profits.

New users connecting their portfolio to CoinStats will be automatically prompted to set up this feature and define the target prices at which they intend to sell their coins. Once set, the Exit Strategy feature is always just a glance away — allowing users to seamlessly switch between the portfolio view and the Exit Strategy view to review their target selling prices.

Exit Strategy’s AI Suggest, an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that forecasts the Bull Market Price (BMP) of particular cryptocurrencies, is available to Premium CoinStats customers.

With the help of state-of-the-art AI algorithms, AI Suggest provides investors without a complex exit strategy with peak bull market projections for the cryptocurrency holdings they own. In the erratic and volatile world of cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered analytics are essential because they offer another data-driven strategy for protecting profits.

The majority of cryptocurrency investors make the worst error of not having a plan, according to CoinStats CEO Narek Gevorgyan.

The biggest mistake I see people making in crypto is not having a plan, they hold a pumping token with no idea when they want to sell.

It’s essential to have exact selling prices for your positions, this gave me the idea for a new CoinStats feature.

It’s called Exit Strategy…

— narek.eth (@narek_gevorgyan) December 18, 2023

Thanks to its monthly active user base, over a million users can track and manage their cryptocurrency holdings in real time across 300 different wallets and exchanges with CoinStats.

With over 20,000 cryptocurrencies, over 1,000 DeFi protocols, and more than 70 blockchain networks supported, CoinStats is the only cryptocurrency tracker available that works with all major cryptocurrency platforms and DeFi protocols.

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