Pundit Forecasts Bitcoin’s Next Market Peak in April or October 2025 Based on Historical Patterns

Why The Post-Halving Miner Capitulation That’s Underway May Ignite A Meteoric Bitcoin Rally

Renowned crypto analyst Ali Martinez believes that Bitcoin’s next market peak is likely to occur in April or October 2025.

In an X post on Wednesday, Martinez drew on historical patterns surrounding Bitcoin halving events, highlighting four key points to consider as the cryptocurrency community approaches the anticipated Bitcoin halving in April 2024. According to him, notable aspects include post-halving corrections, significant rallies following previous halvings, and the duration of bull markets.

Delving into the historical price patterns surrounding the halving events, his analysis revealed a consistent trend. Notably, the pundit pointed out that after the 2016 and 2020 halvings, Bitcoin experienced corrections of 30% and 7%, respectively, within a month. Additionally, he emphasized the notable post-halving rallies, citing instances where Bitcoin surged by 11,000%, 2,850%, and 700% following the 2012, 2016, and 2020 halvings.

Further delving into historical price patterns, Martinez revealed a consistent trend in the durations of bull markets post-halving. As per his research, the bull markets after the 2012, 2016, and 2020 halvings lasted 365 days, 518 days, and 549 days, respectively.

That said, Martinez suggested that if the upcoming bull market aligns with historical trends, the next Bitcoin market peak could be anticipated around April or October 2025. 

Martinez’s analysis comes at a time when investors remain optimistic about Bitcoin’s future trajectory despite current price fluctuations. According to a recent survey by, about 48% of investors anticipate Bitcoin’s closing price to be over $50,000 during the halving event.

In a recent interview with Scott Melker, alias “Wolf of All Street”, Anthony Scaramucci, the founder of Skybridge Capital, revealed that he anticipates that within the 18 months following the halving, Bitcoin could surge to at least $170,000. Interestingly, his projections were also grounded in historical price trends, with Bitcoin consistently quadrupling within the specified timeframe after previous halving events.

“The day that Bitcoin halves, multiply it by four, and 18 months later, and it’s been uncanny that that’s been the price of Bitcoin…go back and look at Bitcoin halving cycles,” said Scaramucci.

As the fourth halving looms within the next 90 days, historical trends point towards a potential significant upswing for Bitcoin post the event, potentially surpassing its previous peak of $69,000. Furthermore, in a tweet today, Martinez highlighted one of Bitcoin’s most substantial accumulation streaks in almost three years.

“Notably, the Accumulation Trend Score has hovered near 1 for the past 4 months, signalling that larger entities are accumulating BTC. This trend indicates strong confidence in the market!” He wrote.

Currently, $48,000 appears to be a formidable resistance for price, having resisted breakthrough attempts twice over the past two years. Despite these challenges, Bitcoin remains poised for a strong performance moving forward, particularly after a strong recovery towards the end of January.

Bitcoin was trading at $43,119 at press time, reflecting a 1.14% decline over the past 24 hours.

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