Flipster Announces Earn Pool Campaign, Allowing Users Earn Up To 10K USDT Daily on Their Crypto

Flipster Announces Earn Pool Campaign, Allowing Users Earn Up To 10K USDT Daily on Their Crypto

The Flipster Earn Pool campaign has finally been revealed. Flipster is the top trading platform for altcoin liquidity and the fastest-growing platform for cryptocurrency derivatives. News of this much-awaited feature had been delayed to arrive on the trading platform since it was first hinted at in December last year. The website promises users the opportunity to earn up to 10,000 USDT a day* (at launch on February 1) on USDT kept in their Flipster accounts, thus the launch was well worth the wait.

One legitimate complaint of Flipster, a platform that prioritizes derivatives, has been the dearth of options for what to do with money in between big events.

Flipster’s CEO Yongjin Kim says, “With Flipster Earn Pool users can know their funds are safe and working for them on our platform while they wait for their next investment move. As a trader, I understand you can’t always feel confident leaving money in positions. Flipster Earn Pool lets you potentially make income on Flipster even when you’re not actively trading.”

Because of the significant prospects in cryptocurrency derivatives and trading competitions, traders opt to open Flipster accounts. The company has established an unrivalled reputation for having substantial liquidity on altcoins. Despite the platform’s relative youth, this USP directly correlates to its ability to attract elite derivative traders to its application. With time, Flipster Earn Pool hopes to grow its user base by attracting users interested in the possibility of earning passive money as they wait for their next big deal.

The platform is dedicated to consistently providing the first-ever everlasting futures listings in the world on tokens that have recently lost their spot listings on significant exchanges. A few recent instances are ACE, MANTA, ALT, and DMAIL, all listed as perpetual futures on Flipster four hours after being spot-listed on a major cryptocurrency exchange.

According to Ben Rogers, Head of Marketing: “When MANTA was launched, some users quickly turned the excitement into significant profits, with one user gaining $7,675 USDT from a single trade. ALT saw similar success, with a user seeing a trade return profit of $5,789 USDT. When publishing, the greatest return on an altcoin trade on Flipster is reported at $52,310 USDT on ACE, which also had the world’s first PERP on the platform. DMAIL will have its PERP world premiere this week, and the business is confident that some users may see similar results as they turn news into leveraged trades on Flipster”.

Nowadays, users can profit from trades and earn up to $10,000 daily from the money in their Flipster wallets.

Flipster Earn Pool will compute interest from a 10K USDT shared reward pool daily. Users can visit Flipster’s website to see how much money they have earned in their funds. Users must meet the daily trading criterion and have USDT in their Flipster account before UTC 00:01 on February 1st to be eligible for returns starting on the first day. Early users may be able to get returns on their idle money while it takes time for knowledge of the new offer to propagate.

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