Massa Ushers A New Era With The Launch Of The Massa Ecosystem

Massa Ushers A New Era With The Launch Of The Massa Ecosystem

Massa, the most decentralized and scaled blockchain, offers users unique features to enable decentralization and resilience. 

Massa, which made its debut on January 15 2024, has gained a lot of traction, building a community of over 150k and thousands of nodes. Massa is an L1 blockchain that features a custom consensus technology, Autonomous Smart Contracts, and a native token, the MAS token. The blockchain is designed to empower ecosystem growth through decentralization.

Following the success of its mainnet bootstrap on 15th January 2024, the blockchain has settled millions of blocks and over 100k transactions. Massa network aims to build a consensus between nodes to gather and order blocks containing ordered lists of operations. The Massa Blockchain is a product of Massa Labs, which has been designing the protocol and bootstrapping the community since 2020. However, last year, the Massa Foundation was created in Geneva to cater to the Massa ecosystem. The Massa Foundation is tasked with orchestrating the incentive programs and fueling community-based initiatives to grow the Massa ecosystem. Notably, the foundation was created to allow Massa Labs to continue with their work on making Massa a state-of-the-art blockchain through maintenance, updates, and research.

The introduction of the Massa Foundation serves as an access point, providing the community with a strong voice in decision-making.  The Foundation will facilitate forums open to token holders who will have the opportunity to give their input on various proposals ranging from grants to changes in network parameters. Notably, in the first quarter of 2024, the foundation is expected to integrate community members into the board and organize different events, including the Massa Community Conference. 

The Foundation has also allocated 2% of the MAS supply to be offered as grants for builders within the community.  To partake in these grants, builders need to propose projects that fit the Massa ecosystem’s ideals and goals. Most importantly, the grants will be given to projects that make use of the features unique to Massa. So far, dozens of projects have already been built. 

MAS token holder can optimize their asset. The first option entails applying to become part of the project’s liquidity incentive program. On the other hand, the second option involves ruining light nodes on their personal computers to obtain proof of stake block rewards. 

Starting from January 30, the foundation will run the community and public sales on Republic. These events are set to last for two weeks, ushering launchpads and CEX/DEX listing announcements. In the coming month, the project will deploy Massa Domain Name System and Decentralized Web, EVM compatibility and account abstraction, Umbrella Oracles, and Cross-chain integration through partnerships with Hyperlane.

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