ZD BITCOIN: Crypto Guru Tedi Ticic’s Iconic Plate

ZD BITCOIN: Crypto Guru Tedi Ticic’s Iconic Plate

Tedi Ticic is a fixture of the crypto world. Ticic is the founder of the news site Tedi Crypto Daily and the author of three books, including the essential “Cryptocurrency Expert: Everything You Need In Cryptocurrency.” He’s a mentor to others in the space, the type of mentor the media seeks for insights and opinions about what’s happening in the crypto world. A natural master of the system who predicted blockchain’s potential well ahead of time, Ticic knows what he likes and is good at, and he wants to help others develop the skills he’s taught himself.

Ticic’s Instagram prominently features his love of crypto. One such shot includes Ticic climbing into a BMW, looking over the distant mountains of his home country of Croatia. The BMW features a customized license plate: ZD BITCOIN. This license plate is a celebration of his life, the system he’s mastered, and its potential in the future. ZD BITCOIN clarifies that Ticic is invested for the long haul and is here to inspire others, too.

Crypto has been a consistent presence in Ticic’s life since it first appeared. He had an entrepreneurial mindset from a very young age, looking for opportunities and feeling a drive to take hold of the world’s possibilities. When crypto appeared, he invested not only his capital and time but also his heart and his mind. His skills in research and learning saw him master crypto early on. But his ingenuity let him use that mastery to innovate and push his expertise to its furthest potential.

He didn’t stop at cryptocurrency, of course. Those in the crypto space know that crypto is only the beginning of the potential of blockchain and other decentralized technology. Ticic has leveraged new potentials for NFTs and other token-based innovations in the blockchain space, and he’s carefully watching what new technologies and AI can become. His drive to discover the next big thing has him always on his toes, ready to pivot ahead of the curve and take hold of the future.

Ticic is also committed to helping others experience his level of success. Through his fast-selling books and his VIP group, which is home to more than 1,000 members, Ticic teaches lessons he fought hard to learn. He believes those under his mentorship can learn successful trading in less than a week. This is a particularly impressive feat in a field that takes others years to master.

A phenom with a great story and a future well within his control, Tedi Ticic has declared his intentions in a way that he wants everyone to see. To many who notice Ticic’s custom license plate, ZD BITCOIN will be something to glance at, but those watching the future will know exactly how Ticic earned his notoriety. Ticic is someone who is not just moving from point A to point B but heading toward the future, pointed ever toward the next great technological opportunity.

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