Algotech Revolutionizing Crypto Trading As Its Presale Nets $1.1 Million Within Two Days

Algotech Revolutionizing Crypto Trading As Its Presale Nets $1.1 Million Within Two Days

Algotech, a decentralized algorithmic trading platform, is elated to announce it has raised $1.1 million 2 days into its presale.

According to the Algotech team, the project has entered the public presale stage of its presale rounds following a very successful private seed sale. The private presale raised $1.1 million in just two days, with over 55 million ALGT tokens sold out.

There are reportedly over 43.7 million ALGT tokens to be sold during the public presale round. Algotech’s public presale opens the floor to all interested investors to grab their share of the growing movement within the DeFi space. For the Presale, the Algotech team has set the selling price at $0.04, with the tokens being available for purchase on the Ethereum network (ERC-20).

Notably, the presale marks the beginning of Algotech’s journey into revolutionizing crypto trading using cutting-edge algorithms and blockchain. Algotech has created an advanced decentralized algorithmic trading platform that hopes to disrupt traditional manual trading methods.

A team of experienced professionals forms Algotech with a deep understanding of algorithmic trading and a passion for innovation. The team is building cutting-edge technology that meets intelligent trading strategies, empowering traders to excel in the world of financial markets. The platform envisions a better trading environment that offers its users immutability, transparency, and security. Algotech stands out for using machine learning and artificial intelligence to power algorithmic trading, unlike its predecessor. As a result, users get to enjoy data-driven analysis, automation, and complex algorithms that bottle down to mitigating the impact of human intuition and emotions when it comes to trade activities. 

In addition, the platform ensures its users enjoy seamless and reliable trading experiences enabled through risk management and advanced technical infrastructure. Harnessing decentralized operations, Algotech can also offer a diverse range of algorithmic trading strategies tailored to different conditions and markets. The platform’s advanced technical infrastructure guarantees exception speed and minimal downtime when handling high trading volumes.

The ongoing presale will offer early adopters numerous benefits, including viable ROI once the token gets listed. ALGT holders will also have the power to vote and have a say on governance matters of the project. Holder will be eligible for residual and passive income opportunities as the project advances deeper into its roadmap.  Additionally, holders will be partial owners of the software, allowing them to share in profits through dividends.

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