Rivalry Between Pullix (PLX), Aave (AAVE), and VeChain (VET) Over Passive Yield Potential

Rivalry Between Pullix (PLX), Aave (AAVE), and VeChain (VET) Over Passive Yield Potential

In the current DeFi market, Pullix (PLX) is now outshining established players like Aave (AAVE) and VeChain (VET). Especially when it comes to unlocking passive income potential. In Stage 6 of its presale, Pullix has already raised over $4 Million and sold over 75 Million tokens. Some analysts even foresee it becoming the next 20x altcoin in 2024. Let’s find out why.

Aave (AAVE): New GHO Stablecoin Integration Proposal

After sharing a new governance proposal on its official forum, Aave Protocol seeks to integrate GHO stablecoin across different blockchains. Increasing the accessibility and liquidity of GHO takes the forefront of this initiative. Of course, security and stability are also top priorities for the DeFi project.

However, this Aave news did not help its value rise. The Aave crypto value has fluctuated between $100 and $97.58 in the last month alone. Its market cap also fell from $1.48B to $1.43B during that time.

The sentiment is bearish as Aave has now experienced only 14/30 trading days in the green. Even bullish analysts foresee this altcoin reaching $102 as its peak in February 2024.

VeChain (VET): Introducing Account Abstraction

Meanwhile, there was some exciting VeChain news as well. Notably, VeChain hopes to release Account Abstraction (AA) soon. In other words, it will finally allow users to use smart contract wallets. VeChain community member Eisenreich made the announcement.

In terms of the VeChain crypto value movement, it moved between $0.035 and $0.023 in the last 30 days. The market cap dropped from $2.58B to $2.06B in that time. Additionally, its technical analysis shows many bearish signals. For instance, over 17 technical indicators are red.

Because of all these factors, market analysts predict that VeChain may trade at the $0.028 level before February 2024 ends.

Pullix (PLX): Excellent Passive Income Capabilities

Unlike Aave and VeChain, Pullix (PLX) has introduced a new way of sharing revenue that turns heads. In other words, PLX token stakers enjoy a portion of what Pullix makes everyday. This creates an easy stream of passive income for them. When it comes to Pullix, it is an upcoming hybrid trading platform that will combine the best features of CEX and DEX.

For example, the trading platform will stand out by allowing the trade of all asset classes, including Forex and cryptos. Furthermore, they can all be accessed on one account.

Holding the PLX native token is vital to obtain reduced trading fees or access to certain assets. Most importantly, PLX is the first “Trade-to-Earn” crypto. The more trades Pullix has, the more rewards for stakers. You may even stake other cryptos with Pullix for a fixed interest rate – another passive income opportunity.

Demand for this altcoin is sky-high as over 13,000 users have registered for its presale. During this time, the crypto ICO event is in Stage 6 with one PLX worth just $0.08. Those who bought it early on are seeing a 100% ROI. Thanks to its ties to the Forex market, which Baby Pips claims is the biggest, analysts predict a 20x pump once PLX hits exchanges in Q1 of 2024.

Can Pullix Outpace Aave and VeChain?

Looking at all these altcoins, it is clear that Pullix has an advantage. It now has a market cap of $16M, drastically lower than Aave’s and VeChain’s. This makes it more appealing for those who want quick returns. To clarify, PLX would only need another $16M for its current price (and returns) to double.

For more information regarding Pullix’s presale, see links below:

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