Kabuni Celebrates Launch of ‘Stake a Future’ With 10,000 NFTs Inspired by Steamboat Willie

Kabuni Celebrates Launch of 'Stake a Future' With 10,000 NFTs Inspired by Steamboat Willie

Innovation Web3 platform Kabuni, has announced today the launch of its Steamboat Willie-inspired ChangeMaker NFTs, marking a significant evolution in digital asset innovation.

More than just digital assets, Kabuni’s ChangeMaker NFTs play a pivotal role in the company’s commitment to positive change. In essence, apart from being exclusive digital collectables, the NFTs embody Kabuni’s mission of unlocking human potential through technology.

According to the announcement, the ChangeMaker NFT program pays tribute to this iconic figure, symbolizing Kabuni’s evolution from revolutionizing the K-12 education sector to venturing into cryptocurrency exchange and finance applications.

Kabuni Unveils Its Innovative Crowdfunding Model

Notably, the launch will see holders gaining exclusive paths to earning Kabuni COIN (KBC) and wielding voting rights, influencing Kabuni’s future direction. The NFTs seamlessly merge value from the digital to the physical realm, aligning with Kabuni’s global initiative to “Stake a Future.”

Kabuni’s innovative crowdfunding model, “Stake a Future,” focuses on impactful projects in key sectors, redefining the landscape of Web3-era crowdfunding. Investors supporting these projects receive tangible benefits, creating a unique intertwining of contribution and reward.

Notably, ChangeMaker NFT holders are in for exclusive benefits, including monthly draws for a chance to win $1000 in KBC, governance participation, exclusive access and opportunities within the Kabuni ecosystem, and the privilege of being part of the “Stake A Future” initiatives from the outset.

In anticipation of the ChangeMaker NFT launch on February 14th, users now have the opportunity to mint one of the 10,000 available tickets. These tickets secure a place at the launch event and determine the price users will pay for the ChangeMaker NFT, creating a unique and engaging process for early adopters.

Interested parties can participate by visiting Coinstore, staking KBC, and engaging in the inaugural “Stake A Future ” program. After completing required quests, users can mint their unique Backpack NFT tickets, ensuring their involvement in this groundbreaking initiative.

Shawn Koh, Regional Manager of Coinstore, expresses excitement about reshaping the future of digital finance with Kabuni, creating a transparent, ethical, and accessible ecosystem.

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